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Posted by on Aug 28, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Around The Sphere: August 28, 2005

Our linkfest of views from all over Blogtopia. Views expressed in links do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of TMV or its co-bloggers.

The Hurricane Katrina Sucker Punch is outlined in detail by Florida-based

The Florida Keys Was Spared Again but there was an infamous time when Mother Nature wasn’t so nice.

Boston Red Sox great Ted Williams had a great head on his shoulders — so why not CELEBRATE it (off)…

It’s Amazing How Infantile And Personal American Politics Gets and here’s evidence of it.

But Is There A ‘Quiet Majority’
that firmly backs the war?

Peggy Ninny Noonan Wrote Another Widely Linked Column and we successfully averted our eyes so we weren’t caught up in the ringing phrases and oversimplifications this time (therefore we didn’t post on it). But the inimitable James Wolcott offers some thoughts on it here.

The New Iraq That The U.S. Helped Establish At Work: A senior Iran cleric hails “Islamic state of Iraq” (we must have missed the part in the pre-war speeches about one of our goals being to turn Iraq into an Islamic state).

Why Do Conservatives Side With Israel And Liberals Side With The Palestinians? The question is posed by Right Wing News’ John Hawkins, who answers it here.

Georgia And Driver’s Licenses: Is it electoral hanky-panky or not?

Doctors Versus Managed Care
via HealthLaw Prof.

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