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Posted by on Jun 25, 2009 in Breaking News, International, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, Society | 6 comments

Argentinean News Web Site Claims to Have Details on Sanford’s Lover

Of course, the Spanish/Latin American press and web are full of stories on the “Yankee Governor” who instead of hiking in the Appalachian Mountains, was having an affair way down South, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There are literally scores of articles describing the scandal in varying levels of detail.

Here are some of the headlines and links to some of those articles (All are translations from Spanish): reports: “Governor Sanford had not disappeared. Instead, he was with his lover in Argentina.” “In Argentina, a U.S. governor deceives his spouse.” “The governor was not in the mountains, he was with his lover.” “South Carolina governor admits an extramarital affair.” “Yankee governor was in Buenos Aires ‘pirating around’

To read the entire article, in Spanish, just click on the link. If you don’t read Spanish, at Google, click on “translate this,” and you’ll get a “rough” English translation.

One web site, (terra argentina), claims to know exactly who Sanford’s Argentinean lover is.

In a piece, titled, “Who is the Argentinean who got U.S. governor Sanford to fall in love with her,” it claims that the lady is María Belén Shapur, 43-years old, living “across from the zoo” on República de la India, in a 14-floor building. That she works at “Bunhe y Born,” speaks English, Portuguese and Chinese, and that she built up a friendship with Sanford via e-mail over a seven year period.

Of course, these “details” have not yet been verified.

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