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Posted by on Aug 10, 2011 in Politics | 3 comments

“Anti Fraud” Commercials Promoted By Unions ?

Here in California we’ve been hearing a series of radio ads talking about how it is terrible to sign any ballot petition because many of those who do the gathering are crooks and will use the info to steal your identity.

When the ads first began I wondered what the story was and it turns out that the ads are sponsored by labor unions who oppose several initiatives that are out for signature now.

Now personally I generally don’t sign petitions but it seems you do have to question the politcal agenda here.

I’m quite sure for example that the people behind these ads would be just fine with people signing a ballot petiton being circulated by the union steward at work.

Given that fraud and identity theft is a serious issue I do see the need to more strictly regulate those who gather signatures. But I also see this as a pretty disingenuous move by SEIU and others

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