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  • SteveK

    Happy 4th to you too Ron.

  • The_Ohioan

    A 2005 Fourth of July column by Molly Ivens (the Twain of our Time).

    Which starts

    AUSTIN, Texas — Once again, we celebrate America — despite absolutely everything, still a great nation after all these years. Happy birthday to us.

    and continues

    We continue our charmingly eccentric habit of polling ourselves to find out how ignorant we are. Then we all slap our foreheads in dismay over the national dumbness. This particular oddity yields such nuggets as: 37.2 percent of us think the Mexican border should pay rent.

    and ends

    And here’s to all the angry liberals and to all the angry conservatives — take the day off, and enjoy the hot dogs and the fireworks. And try to remember when we come back to normal partisan warfare that all of us do, actually, love this ridiculous, wonderful place.

    For the rest, read here.

    Happy Fourth! Geez, we miss you Molly!

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