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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Crime, Education, Featured, Health, International, Passages, Places, Politics, Race, Religion, Society, War | 4 comments

And Elsewhere, Also. NO!! NO!! NO MAS!!!

fathers carrying their dead…

I want to say, this cannot be, cannot continue

would a mother’s cry,
a grandmother’s scream
a father’s anguished kiss goodbye…

make anyone stop shooting

or just some

or none?

So many more across the world. Innocents.

I hope that moment of silence today can be for all the children
caught in the crossfire and the purposeful aim of bullets and bombs.

I have no answers, but I also have no more questions. None. For I know…

I know, as do many many, that the killing of little ones is wrong.

So wrong it is even wrong in Hell.

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