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Posted by on Apr 8, 2010 in International, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, War | 0 comments

America’s Withdrawal Seals Iraq’s ‘Certificate of Death’: Kitabat, Iraq

Has Iran won the Iraq War – because the Iraqi people failed to help the Americans? According to columnist Khadir Taahar of Iraq’s Kitabat newspaper, the U.S. has thrown up its hands in frustration, and in its own interests, has handed Iraq’s keys to Tehran.

For Kitabat, Khadir Taahar writes in part:

Iran has finally triumphed in the battle. It has plundered Iraq and its resources in exchange for the blood of the Iraqi people. At last, the game is being played out in the open. All the players have emerged and Iraq’s Shiite parties have dared to openly travel to Iran to show their obedience and loyalty. They have declared their absolute agreement to follow the decisions of Iran regarding the formation of the Iraqi government and how to distribute power to their henchmen and followers.

Did America sell out and mishandle Iraq?

Unfortunately, Iraqis were of no help to America in building up the country politically, economically and scientifically. Instead, Iraqis were agents of demolition and destruction of their own nation, and were ungrateful to America for liberating them from the dictator’s regime and providing them with the opportunity of a lifetime to change their lives and their homeland.

But instead of thanking America for its great deed, they betrayed the U.S., stabbing her from every angle and plotting against her by allying with Iran, Syria and al-Qaeda. In this case, confronted with such animosity, it would be irrational for America to keep working as a policeman, protecting Iraqi homes and bringing them security and stability. It wouldn’t be reasonable to expect America to keep wasting it’s money on people that don’t appreciate its position or its sacrifices, don’t want a life of democracy for themselves, who don’t want to benefit from America’s scientific and economic potential and who instead, choose to throw themselves into the laps of Iranian clerical rule, al-Qaeda, the Baath and the Syrian Mukhabarat (intelligence)!

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