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Posted by on Jan 8, 2014 in Politics, Society | 5 comments

Americans rejecting Republican party (or are they lying to Gallup?)

There’s no lack of irony in the fact that two top stories today are political haymaking in New Jersey and a record percentage of Americans telling Gallup that they are political party independent.

Combine that with a record low saying that they are “Republicans”.

Here’s what folks are saying on social networks and blogs.

What do you think? Is Christie’s behavior a symptom? Or is Gallup full of it?

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  • Rambie

    Christie’s temper has been a topic before. I don’t think it alone would sink his prospects, but combined with his more “moderate” views (either real convictions or not) will prevent the GOP base from putting him on the ticket for 2016.

  • sheknows

    Well, we have seen MUCH worse nominations from the right. Bachman, Gingrich, Santorum…in fact every one of them except Huntsman…who got nowhere fast. He was perhaps the most reasonable choice, but a little too “left” for their taste.

    I think Christie would be right up their alley. Abrasive, ill tempered, loud, crooked, and self-serving. He is all about winning too. So what if foreign dignitaries want nothing to do with him…Republicans don’t really care about the opinion of foreign nations anyway.

  • SteveK

    Does anyone really wonder why the Republican Party is being rejected?

    It obviously has a little to do with who they blame for the shutdown of the federal government…

    But that’s just the start.
    Some say it’s the rights constant drone about the supposed ‘liberal bias’ in the media. But by only looking a little closer to what’s out there…

    … It’s easy to see that’s simply not the cast… It’s just another lie.
    Add to the above that many see, in both polling results and casual conversation with Republican party faithful, what comes across as a general loss of perspective (grasp on reality?) in regards to both society and science.

    Many have evolved… Others haven’t.

  • sheknows

    People believe lies because it is what they WANT to believe ( not lies per se, but what the lie is about). If you already have an accepting and willing audience, it is easy to feed them any amount of garbage. They are all for their beliefs and won’t challenge them ( or allow anyone else to). What they believe IS fact. Period.
    Presenting facts is a painful reminder and a threatening gesture that they have to live in the real world…a world they abandoned a long time ago I’m afraid.

  • Hi, Rambie — I think the bridge incident is a bit more than “temper.”

    Hi, Steve – the question becomes … how do we put the quilt back together?

    And sheknows is correct in her assessment that most folks pick information that conforms to their world view rather than consciously seeking out views that challenge it.

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