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  • Pyst

    I’ll say it…Gore in ’08. And my reason is I want an adult that takes charge, and has the buck stop at his desk for a change. He isn’t some slimy morphing politico like Clinton or McCain, he killed that guy years ago and regained his citizens soul. And he sure isn’t someone with kingly aspirations like we currently have. Maybe he isn’t a centerist/moderate as some here would prefer, but he has nobody to pay back after winning either, so no big oil, or special interest groups have their hand up his backside either. Now can anyone say that about Clinton or McCain? Don’t think so, and that is the biggest evil, not wether he is liberal or conservative, or centerist, but rather who does he work for us or them.

  • I voted for Nadar in California….and didnt’ care which donkephont won.

    Boy to I regret that now.

    When Gore honored the Supreme Court and the Rule of Law, my whole

    paradigm shifted as too my perspective on Al. I thought he was a


    If he chooses to run he’ll have my toil, time and treasure.


  • Kim Ritter

    I do like Gore. Short of bringing back Bill Clinton, which of course is unconstitutional, it would be great to see someone who still has a concience and isn’t afraid to bring it into his campaign.
    Having said that, however,I think the Clintons still have the most political power in the Democratic party, so I don’t see him winning the election without their blessing. If it is Hillary vs. McCain, tho, I’m going for Hillary, just to end the imperial Republican dynasty.

  • DBL

    It is true that Algore would fight Manbearpig to the death. Oh well. Excelsior!

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