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  • domajot

    I tend to agree.
    Ahmadinejad in NY turned into a real made-for-the-media entertainment show, with no one looking dignified or sounding sensible. Mr. A had the one advantabe in being consistent .

    The president of Columbia U was just trying to win his his purblic opinion creds, IMO, but I expect more rationality from the president of a reknown university than pandering to an emotional crowd.

    It was not free speech’s finest hour.
    I don’t know if there is anyone left in the USA who understands that ‘tough’ does not mean being bombasic or insulting,
    I would have preferred to see a bigger difference between the white hat and black hat in this show.

  • DLS

    The president of Columbia was offensive as well as dishonest (this was not an introduction). Was he one of those who claimed the moral high ground and would have fools believe he’s a philosopher-statesman about principle, insofar as freedom of expression goes? He proceeded to abuse that freedom and take license to be polemic instead.

    I’d rather have heard the Iranian debate Dubya.

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