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Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in International, Law, Media, Military, Places, Politics, Religion, Terrorism, War | 1 comment

A U.S.-Russia-China Alliance Offers Iran and Israel a Way Out (Izvestia, Russia)


Is there any chance that the U.S., Russia and China could join forces to guarantee the security of both Iran and Israel, thus defusing not only the Iran nuclear crisis, but the Syria civil war, the Israel-Palestinian peace process, and any number of other confounding problems? For Russia’s Izvestia, columnist Kiril Benediktov writes that if Israel’s hawks in and out of Washington would come to their senses, such an arrangement would safeguard the Jewish state and transform today’s global security architecture.

For Izvestia, Kiril Benediktov writes in part:

Netanyahu has said more than once that Israel is ready to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities without U.S. support. Over time people have gradually become accustomed to these threats and no longer pay attention. But how wrong they are, because right now, the Israeli premier feels deceived by his closest allies, in particular the United States.

“A bad agreement with Iran will lead to war,” Netanyahu says.

Nevertheless, a “bad agreement” has been signed, and as it is before any round of poker, the stakes are rising. This will decide the fate not only of Iran, but of the struggle for the entire Middle East.

A few days ago, the British Sunday Times published a sensational report that says Saudi Arabia and Israel are secretly working jointly on a plan to attack Iran. Riyadh has agreed to allow Jerusalem to use its airspace. Although Riyadh has officially denied this, there’s no smoke without fire. For the Saudis, good relations between Washington and Tehran are like a knife to the heart, and they are prepared to do anything, even form an alliance with Israel, to prevent such developments. That means the specter of a new war is growing stronger.

In this situation, the fate of sanctions or questions about Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile are rather secondary. Of utmost importance is preventing further bloodshed in a region that has already been ravaged by endless conflict.

Consider that three of the “Big Six” heavyweights – the U.S., Russia and China – could act as guarantors of Iranian security if it meets the terms of the Geneva agreement. All of their authority, both political and military, should be deployed to defend the Islamic Republic against possible outside aggression. Of course, such a guarantee should also be extended to Israel.

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