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Posted by on Dec 3, 2011 in Media, Politics, Society | 16 comments

A Place to Glorify Cain and Trash His Accusers

Here’s a place where undying Cain supporters — those who don’t give a hoot about what several women have claimed he has done to them — can give him “encouragement;” can “show their support,” can “communicate their prayers;” can tell him why it is so important for him to stay in the race and become our next president; can trash the Left for “trying their best to discredit him because they fear him;” but, most important, can trash those women who have had the courage to come forward and tell the world their side of the story.

Of course, you can also make a generous donation to Cain’s campaign there.

But you better hurry up — time may be running out.

Here’s a typical, uplifting message of support:

Bill Clinton was Imorral [sic] and proven….It didn’t matter, He was a Democrate [sic],,,,You, Sir are neither… Without you I will not bother to even vote. We will be stuck with Democrate [sic] and Republicrate[sic]…little or no difference, WE KNOW THE NUMBER THAT WAS PULLED ON YOU…THIS IS WHY WE ARE IN THE MESS WE ARE IN…#1 GOD #2 Family This is #3 or lower, GOD BLESS IN YOUR DECISION”

Here is the “Encouragement for Herman Cain” site, blazoned with words such as restore, boost, applaud, embolden, inspire, rally, spur — someone has gotten a hold of a good thesaurus.

BTW, Herman also has a “Women for Herman Cain” site, an “online national fellowship of women dedicated to helping elect Herman Cain as the next President of the United States.”

Why? Because,

Mr. Cain has been a strong advocate for women throughout his lifetime, defending and promoting the issues of quality health care, family, education, equality in the workplace and many other concerns so important to American women.

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