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Posted by on Jul 24, 2008 in Politics | 31 comments

A Gentle Reminder: Obama is Not God

Barack Obama may become the next President. He may even be qualified for the job.

I don’t do endorsements, as regular readers of my blogging will know. But the Obamamessiah stuff, well-documented here, is outrageous.

He’s a politician, folks, not some special otherworldly life form.

I don’t use the term “politician” disdainfully, either. I’m one who believes that politics can be and often is an honorable calling, a calling pursued as are all other callings by finite, imperfect, human beings, a category that includes us all. Barack Obama is no different from anybody else.

Spencer and Jeff have more pointed things to say on the subject.

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  • Rambie

    The people using the “Obamamessiah” type references are being sarcastic when trying to insult and undermine Obama’s candidacy

    This is showing that McCain campaign is continually more and more like President Bush’s campaigns in 2000 and 2004. Instead of talking real issues they use insults, rumors, and innuendo to try and undermine the other candidate.

    Did anyone tell the McCain campaign that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? LOL

  • daveinboca

    “Obamamessiah” is an apt term for the groupie adulation of the camp followers [i.e. Civil War term for prostitutes] in the Mainstream Media who try to gloss over every huge logical error such as his latest “I was against the surge before it worked and I’m still against it & it didn’t even happen because of the USA” whopper.

    Conversely, they put Bob Novak’s little bike accident on the front page above the fold & in the late night dialogues while John Edwards’ love-chile tryst at the Beverly Hilton is streng verboten.

    They don’t teach basic critical thinking in journalism schools and Columbia’s entire class actually was caught cheating en masse in the Jounalism School’s exam on ETHICS, on an open-book exam.

    To listen to Nora O’Donnell correct an interviewee on a statement by saying “oh no, this election is about change” just proves that even a grad student at Georgetown, which Nora is, is not immune to Obama’s trance-inducing rhetoric.

    Even this formerly moderate blog has slipped slowly towards Move-On mindlessness.

    Just like Adolf in an earlier era, mutatis mutandis. Obama from his time away from a teleprompter appears to be flakier than James Earl Carter, who gave away the Panama Canal, now under Chinese ownership & jurisdiction. But like Ashley Simpson, he can belt out a pre-canned presentation as long as the right tape is inserted.


    But…but what about his visit to his birthplace at Bethlehem? as covered by the Daily Show.

    Jon Stewart’s been covering the Obama Quest:—.html

    (I support him absolutely against McCain, but without adulation of any kind.)

  • GeorgeSorwell

    This post is nothing but propaganda.

    It is Rush Limbaugh who is claiming that Obama is claiming to be the messiah.

    This is nothing but a pathetic right wing talking point.

    Either you’re just falling for it or you’re nothing but a propagandist, Pastor?

    PS– Sigmund Freud might want you to double-check that link to your personal blog.

  • AustinRoth

    George –

    Rush is not claiming that Obama is the messiah – he is (correctly) pointing out the religious-like pandering and fawning by a large percentage of his supporters, and a large percentage of the media.

    Seem that you are one of them, accusing anyone who dares speak that perhaps, maybe, people are taking Obama worship a tad too far is a propagandist.

  • MJDaniels53

    For months now, people have been accusing me of being in the tank with Obama. Now, when I make a critical comment about SOME OBAMA SUPPORTERS, NOT OBAMA himself, both here and on my own site, I’m accused of being a right wing propagandist.

    Here’s what I am…

    (1) A person who believes in fairness.

    (2) A person who thinks that there is one God and that it’s naive and silly to attach the sorts of outsize expectations and claims being made for Obama, his candidacy, and probable presidency that some people are attaching to them. The original title for this post was, “Get a Grip!”

    I change the title when I realized that many Obama supporters are nearly worshipful toward their candidate.

    As to who I will support in the November election, I don’t do endorsements. I deem it wrong for pastors to do so, something I’ve written about many times.

    But, to summarize, I do believe in fairness and I am opposed to idolatry in all its forms.


  • MJDaniels53

    By the way, I don’t think it’s inappropriate for me to say that I have listened to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show twice in my life, the last time in 1996.


  • GeorgeSorwell

    Austin Roth–

    “Obama worship”?

    “religious-like pandering”?

    I understand that my previous comment was intemperate, but I stand by the point I was making–that the entire “Obamamessiah” concept is right-wing propaganda.

    Mark Daniels has always struck me a nice guy. Maybe he’s naive. Maybe he lives in a very insular world. Or maybe he’s the next Karl Rove.

    And maybe I am a religious-like fawner and panderer. You’re certainly free to call me names.

    This is a public thread. I am willing to be judged. I am willing to be found wanting. I presume the same is true of everyone else who comments here, even people who are nicer than I am.

    But I stand by my point.

    Don’t forget to have a nice day!!

  • daveinboca

    Ditto, & the deer-in-the-headlights media types like “shiver-up-my-leg” Matthews & “It’s about Change” Nora O’Donnell demonstrate the level of sheer idolatry Obama’s vacuous brain farts produce.

    George is too naif to understand that politics & policies are the most important area, and Obama now has promised virtually everything to everybody—-that’s politics 101.

    BTW, anybody still think the MSM can totally protect John Edwards’ monumental hypocrisy any more? Wonder if Obama will still try to make him Attorney General. He might even be worse than Gonzales.

  • GeorgeSorwell

    Mark Daniels–


    My last comment overlapped yours.

    All I can say is I’m not the only one who has been intemperate in these comments.

  • MJDaniels53

    I don’t want to get into the whole Edwards thing. He’s not a candidate for anything.


  • casualobserver

    If the rebutting left is correct in its usual undocumented assertions, then this person is no doubt of the label-generating right…….

    “… a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany … and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama”

    What’s fair is fair………the left has to disprove this on their own.

  • IMHO, y’all are all correct.

    I agree that there have been some truly over-the-top reactions to Obama. Some folks seem to have let go of their tethers and floated right up into the atmosphere. But I saw it much more earlier in the year; it crops up more rarely now, and generally not from a source I consider to be influential. Or even necessarily intelligent.

    OTOH, I agree that any and every time somebody goes over the gushing edge, the right-wing propoganda machine sniffs it immediately, and latches right on. Doesn’t matter how insignificant the actual comment is, or whether there was context. It goes under the “crazy obamessiah” heading, and passes into a larger skewed “truth”. The narrative must be fed, however scanty the diet.

    The VAST majority of people that I’ve read, and all that I’ve spoken to, have their feet — and opinions of Obama — firmly planted here on terra firma. Would that everyone did. Then they’d not embarrass themselves, nor give ammunition to partisans.

  • AustinRoth

    “The right-wing propaganda machine”. That is the label thrown at any criticism of Obama. Plays right into the messiah-complex thing.

    Thank God there is no such thing as a left-wing propaganda machine (MSM excluded, of course.)

  • Sigh….

    Austin, you’re being a bit thin-skinned there. Yes, of course the left-wing has a propaganda machine also. The existence thereof is not germane to this topic, though. Furthermore, the right-wing machine goes into motion on topics far more wide-ranging than Obama…. just as the left-wing machine has channels other than BDS.

    Seeing Obamania under every rock will lead to paranoia.

  • Neocon

    A while back I thought about ordaining Barak Obama. Then I realized something. He wants to punish America.

    So his new energy plan consists of ” Walk to Work.”

    Because welfare moms and dudes in the projects dont own a car then neither should the rest of us. We should all just walk to work. Thats the New Democratic energy plan for the next 4-8 years.

    God wouldn’t inflict that kind of pain on us.

  • vwcat

    No one thinks Obama is god. The right tries to sell the same load of s*** that Hillary did months ago when she tried the cult thing.
    In reality, democrats see Obama as a fantastic candidate who can beat the republicans and is making us proud to be democrats. He is not spineless or pathetic like so many of our past nominees and has all the hallmarks of great and classic democrats of the past.
    We are excited because we know Obama can win and is a great nominee.

  • casualobserver

    “No one thinks Obama is god.”

    Mark, perhaps if you put your posts in braille next time, the left will comprehend the factual evidence you offered in the beginning of your post.

    The alternative is to continue to receive misdirection as their best answer.

  • GeorgeSorwell

    The link that is supposed to go to your personal blog is still wrong.

  • elrod

    This is an old parlor trick played by supporters of a mediocre and uninspiring politician. Jimmy Carter used to mock Ronald Reagan’s supporters as mindless followers in 1980. How many times have we heard about St. McCain, who the media loves to call a “maverick?” Calling somebody a “messiah” is just a way to pop off at a politician’s popularity.

    That doesn’t mean there aren’t nutty Obama supporters. Of course there. There were equally nutty Bush supporters too. Hillary Clinton had her irrational worshippers. But that doesn’t mean all supporters of Obama are crazy.

    I note, by the way, that Spencer Troxell offers no actual evidence of Obama as some messiah figure.

  • MJDaniels53

    I think I fixed the link.

    There are two faulty assumptions in your comment.

    First, you assume that I was attacking Obama. I wasn’t. I was, as I have already indicated, referencing the worshipful, otherworldly faith in him expressed by SOME of his supporters. If anybody has read my posts on this campaign can attest, while I think that the Senator can be self-aggrandizing and has yet to sketch a strategic vision, I am deeply respectful of his gifts as a leader and have written that of the three finalists for the Democratic nomination, he was actually the most experienced. I have marveled at his doing what Ronald Reagan, a speaker of no mean abilities could not do: parlay a single electrifying speech into a presidential nomination within four years’ time. I have spoken of the practical, and often underestimated, training in leadership, communication, and consensus building that would necessarily have come to Obama from his experience as a community organizer. I did not and have not attacked Obama. Any fair-minded reading of my brief post her would yield that conclusion. So, I had no desire to attack either Obama or anybody. I only wanted to talk about the over-the-top sentiments of SOME of Obama’s supporters.

    (2) I’m not a supporter of any candidate in 2008, quite frankly, “mediocre and uninspiring” or otherwise. I am, as I have already pointed out, philosophically opposed to pastors endorsing candidates. Reading my previous posts on the 2008 campaign, not to mention this one, would not suggest otherwise.

    Thank you for taking the time to write.

    Mark Daniels

  • Jim_Satterfield

    Mark, read your post again. It does not in any way seem to be a criticism of some supporters of Obama but a broad sweeping generalization being applied to all of them, much as all of the comments of AustinRoth, Daveinboca and the other far right posters here make constantly.

  • AustinRoth

    Jim –

    “all of the comments of AustinRoth”

    I find that description to be a “broad sweeping generalization”. I am sure I can find at least one of my comments that even by your (un)biased perspective is not.

    As for me being ‘the far right’, HA HA HA HA. They wouldn’t touch me with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.

    I have said before, I like being the contrarian against the strong far-left tilt that happened here over the years; the stick that pokes them in the eye. I have rarely in the past couple years expressed my true feelings on a range of, but not all, topics.

  • Jim_Satterfield

    None of your recent comments would reveal anything but a right wing ideologue, AR. If you do not want to be considered one, don’t post like one.

  • MJDaniels53

    I guess I can see how you MIGHT think that I was broad-brushing all Obama supporters. But it was the folks referenced in the link that I was talking about. I can assure you that since the majority of my extended family members are planning on voting for Obama and are not part of the Obama-worshipers, I would in no way assert that the Obamalatry is a majority view.


  • If you think Bush, McCain, Obama or Hillary are gods, you’re an idiot.

    Luckily I haven’t met anyone who has ever honestly thought that.

  • runasim

    ” i would in no way assert that the Obamalatry is a majority viewi”

    It’s curious that the people bringing the subject up haven’t been curious enough to inquire just how representative, or not, these people are. i’ve been an Obama supporter from the start, but i’ve never run across any, so I’d be curious to know..

    On the other hand, reading not just some, but MANY blogs and listening to some talk radio, it’s evident there are quite a few who hate Obama inordinately.
    I would think that excessive hate is a far more ominous social phenomenon than excessive love.

    Obsessive and malevolent political hatreds are making much of used to be political debates sound like what you’d expect to hear in an insane assylum.
    No matter what the topic, some people are driven to get their unrelated polital swipes on the record.
    If we’re going to worry, let’s worry about that!.

  • DLS

    “Messiah” is accurate, as is “cult” and of course, “celebrity worship.”

    Obama is God, and Bush is the devil, reincarnated in McCain. Stay on script!

  • Neocon

    it’s evident there are quite a few who hate Obama inordinately.

    Very true. and in this world you reap what you sow.

    The left or the BUSH haters have now adopted Barak Obama and they are receiving what they have sewn. What goes around, comes around.

  • DLS

    Dave in Boca: One note. The media have worshipped Obama, to the point where it’s becoming a story even they feel moved to report about it, but this is to be expected given their mainly liberal politics and tendency to don Democratic cheerleader outfits in every election. The “Messiah,” “cult,” “religion” terms apply more deservedly to so many liberal and “progressive” [sic] whites, who have more than merely adopted him as their man this year.


    “As for me being ‘the far right’, HA HA HA HA.”

    The same has always been true for the lie that I am “far right” [sic]. It makes me think of Douglas Amy’s book, putting the Democratic leadership right of center and everyone who ever voted Republican, “far right,” and of course Reagan and Thatcher are “far right” in this author’s distorted view. (No doubt a new edition of his book would place Bush there falsely, too.) What’s bad is that J. Sat is being even more inaccurate than Amy is, more often, on here when it comes to political identification and spectral “placement.”

  • DLS

    “I would in no way assert that the Obamalatry is a majority view.”

    It’s not the majority view of Obama voters. But they’re the most newsworthy and remarkable, and denial of their behavior is silly, at the very least.

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