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Posted by on Aug 20, 2008 in Politics | 12 comments

A Cone of Silence Without Legs?

The allegations, accusations, innuendoes, counter-accusations, denials, spin, etc., on whether McCain was in fact in a “cone of silence” during Saddleback, and on whether he had the opportunity, the ability, and/or the lack of integrity to overhear some of the questions posed to Obama, continue, but with some abatement.

For those who continue to have interest in this issue, The Huffington Post had an interesting “backgrounder” on this: “NYT Backs Up NBC: McCain Was Not In “Cone Of Silence” Before Saddleback,” additional links and all.

It remains to be seen if this story has any legs left. Having found this “event” quite curious and not fully explained or “mitigated,” I think it interesting to ponder whether such a story would have had longer and stronger legs–especially in the right-wing media–if the not-so-cone-of-silence had been on the other head.

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