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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Environment, Featured, Politics | 2 comments

68% Of US Voters See Global Warming As ‘Serious Problem’ (Guest Voice)

68% Of US Voters See Global Warming As ‘Serious Problem’ (via Clean Technica)

 This article was originally published on Climate Progress. It has been reposted with full permission (image added). Polls have consistently shown that Americans’ understanding of global warming grows with an increase in extreme weather events. In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, that number continues…

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  • slamfu

    Forget looking at the last year, look at the last 10 years. You know who does believe in climate change? Insurance companies that have been paying out WAY more decade over decade in weather related damage claims, with the last decade taking the cake. The problem is that there is a certain segment of the population that demands conclusive proof before they will believe. The problem is that this is an issue that can’t be tested that well in a lab. They can make predictions and model, but by the time something happens that proves it without a doubt, its going to be well past too late. Even then there will be deniers no doubt. The fact is they made some predictions, and those predictions seem to be occurring. Not last month, season or year, but over the decade. Crazy to take the chance.

  • sheknows

    When the US signs the Kyoto Protocol with the other nations to reduce our CO2 emissions, then I will believe we have an administration who cares. Until then……

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