John Edwards Engaged?

That’s what the tabloid that broke the story of Edwards’ cheating on his cancer patient wife Elizabeth (it has also been right on its later reports) reports now.

And so we have it: we are seeing a politician who truly has no shame.

  • Silhouette

    If you want to understand what is happening to our country, just watch the movie “Idiocracy”. No, really, just watch it.

  • Samuel Becker

    No news here, he was a ..with a ring now. Hope his new wife doesn’t get cancer and end up single again. At least she knows what she’s in for, unlike her predecessor.

  • roro80

    Eh, I think we reached that point of no shame with Edwards a long time ago. The shame is not in proposing to a mistress, the shame was having one in the first place, doing so while running for president, doing so while his current wife was going through cancer treatment, and the massive coverup and denial of fatherhood to the child he fathered. At this point, there is no career left for Edwards, he’s a free agent, and really has no public obligations left. His wife has (rightfully) given up on him, and left him. If he wants to start a new life with someone else, I don’t see why that’s a big issue. I just hope Elizabeth gets what’s coming to her, financially and in her personal happiness, and that the child Edwards fathered can have some semblance of a normal life. Those are the two innocent parties in this mess.

  • $199537

    For all the (justified) horror on how close Sarah Palin was to being a heartbeat away from the presidency, you should feel the same relief that this turkey was not elected along with Kerry in 2004.

  • Jim_Satterfield

    Why yes, yes I do feel that way.

  • roro80

    Whatever who gets?

  • ordinarysparrow

    Ahhh. . .John & Rielle, Sleazy and Easy what a cute Valentine story. . . Grrrrrrowwwllllllll. . . .

    May goodness be with the his children and Elizabeth

  • redbus

    Just goes to show that high IQ doesn’t necessarily translate into person of integrity.

  • roro80

    There were 3 females in my post. Your comment makes zero sense in reference to any of them. Thus, instead of simply telling you that you make no sense as per usual, I thought it would be polite to ask you to clarify. Never mind.

  • DLS

    This is the kind of stuff that gives Obama groupies a laugh, or a sense of relief(!).

  • roro80

    Hey F_T, you really are a kick in the pants, aren’t you? You replied to me. Your reply made no sense, unless you’re actually making a tee-hee Elizabeth’s gonna die of cancer joke. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, thinking you couldn’t possibly be that terrible a person. So don’t give me this “hate becomes you” and “self loathing” crap.