Seducing Scott Brown

The Republicans’ new Great White Hope could turn out to be a disappointment for the Right wing of the GOP–and an opportunity for Democrats.

“I know what I want to do: Go down there and be a good person, a good and competent senator,” Scott Brown tells Peggy Noonan. “I have huge shoes to fill, the legacy is just overwhelming. I’m a consensus builder…I can disagree in the daytime and have a coffee or beer later on. Everyone’s welcome to their opinion.”

This will come as a shock to Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Eric Cantor, whose beverage of choice is Tea, the more bitter the better, and it leaves an opening for the Obama White House and Senate Democrats to reach across and welcome Brown into what used to be the bipartisan atmosphere of that body.

For Brown, such a development should not require much seduction, since it offers him an opening to be a Republican not-Palin rather than just one more among 41 blocks of granite in the Upper House.

In addition, it makes sense for his long-range future since Massachusetts may only temporarily have turned red with rage and might be more likely to reward him in the future for moderation.

As someone who regards Roe v Wade as “settled law” and approves the President’s policies for Afghanistan and Korea, Brown as another New England Republican could give cover to Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins in their tendencies toward creating some semblance of what used to be civility and reason from a loyal opposition.


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  • JSpencer

    Interesting. If Brown turns out to be a moderate (and by that I don't mean a DLS or DaMav type “moderate”) then the GOP will do their best to “handle” him. It all will come down to Brown's own moral compass and strength of will. If he ends up being handleable, then he will be a 2 year fluke. We shall see.

  • Leonidas

    Another moderate willing to compromise ala Snowe and Collins would not be a bad thing, as long as it isn't one who is willing to be bought off by committe seats, earmarks and/or pork, ala Arlen Spector.

  • Axel Kaspar Edgren

    He can either go for a shot at longevity or acceptance into the unwavering and dogmatic fold. His website's policy statements are strictly right-wing, but what's a fellow to do in the current climate? I think he realizes that the anger of the dogmatists can't reach him in Mass., and that their support conversely won't do him much good.

  • Ron Beasley

    That's the key – he has to run again in three years. He got a few thousand more votes than Jon McCain did in 2008 and McCain lost MA very badly. He won because the Democratic base didn't vote. He can't count on that in 2012.