Hispanics Keep Out

Azle,Texas is a small town, about 10 miles northwest of Fort Worth, with a population of about 12,000—about 93 percent white and 4 percent Hispanic.

It is suddenly in the national news.

The reason: one of its residents has posted a “Hispanics Keep Out” sign on the front of his or her home.

Reportedly the sign has been up for months.

According to khou.com, “Many residents said they would like to see the sign, which has been up for months, taken down.”

When asked by a TV reporter knocking on the door, the woman who answered said “Well, you know, I don’t care…I’m upset about them coming over here illegally, too.”

And, “We think this is our privilege as an American to protect our property…This is our property.”

When the reporter asked her if it would be better to post a sign that simply said “Keep Out,” the homeowner said, “I don’t want to keep out everybody, okay?”

Azle police say that the sign does not violate any laws and is an expression of freedom of speech, “However, it’s an expression the mayor said is not shared by most in town.”

I respect the right of the Azle resident to display the sign on her home.

I respect the resident’s freedom of speech, freedom of expression.

And I also know, and respect, the fact that the Azle resident does not have to explain to me or to anyone why she has posted the sign, or what she means with the sign

As a Hispanic, however, I would like to have the opportunity to ask her whether she includes every Hispanic in her “Keep Out” message.

Including those Hispanics who have served in our military services.

Including those Hispanics who are right now serving in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect Americans, including the Azle resident.

And, if it were possible for them to visit her home, including those Hispanics who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country—a country that includes, Azle, Texas.

Perhaps she is concerned about her personal safety, and wants to protect her property.

Perhaps she means to keep out only “illegal” Hispanics.

Perhaps we are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Perhaps all these questions are irrelevant.

Perhaps it’s none of my business.

Perhaps all of the above.

What are your thoughts?

Author: DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

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  1. ” It's a huge shift, a cracking in the earth, and is very sad. I totally feel for this dear lady.”

    —– Please save the dramatics for drama class. Although there is a very real threat of cross border violence, I think your labeling of illegal immigrants as American hating crime lords is pathetic.

    “I'm rather sure she doesn't mean “all Hispanics,” but illegals.”

    —— If she meant just illegals then she could have easily said that.

    ” I think about my grandparents who came here from Greece, who found a new life–who LOVED this country and who said, 'Now we are Americans!'”

    —- Many illegal immigrants would love nothing better than to become Americans. That's why many protested for amnesty. It takes a lot of guts to leave everything you know behind and leave to a foreign country where you do not know anyone and the language is foreign. I would describe that as love. They look to america as the beacon of opportunity. They want a better life for their kids. They want to be American just like your grandparents longed to be American.

    You seem to feel very empathetic for a racist bigot but lack empathy immigrants. This is a “very sad” and a “cracking of the earth” as you would put it.

  2. Dear Joe, you've got your own share of drama, dude :)
    Umm, yeah. You're right: I feel no pity for folks who barge into another people's country, take their social services, never bother to learn their language, scare the inhabitants, and then demand citizenship!
    And hello, it takes NOTHING to be a slacker, to never bother learning the language of your host country, to steal and cheat.
    And amnesty? Of COURSE they want amnesty. They were too lazy to enter the country the honest and legitimate way, and so “amnesty” only makes it easier for them to stay here!
    Yep, you're right!

  3. “Living in Texas, she and her townspeople have seen the streams of millions of illegals coming through, and settling in, their neighborhoods.”

    Yes, I live in Texas and I have seen “the streams of millions of illegals” doing the jobs no American wants to do, working their asses off in the 106 degree Texas heat for meager wages, building the homes, cutting the grass, getting injured and dying by the dozens every year in unsafe, underpaying contruction jobs, cleaning the homes, taking care of the kids of those nice Americans who just hate for them to be in our country.

    The hypocrisy is breathtaking

  4. “Pity” is very different word from empathy. I used the word “empathy.” Please look that up in the dictionary so that we may have an inteligent discussion.

    As I stated earlier, the assimilation of people takes many generations. I am sure that when your grandparents came the USA they did speak English right then and there. If you are a student of history you would understand this. Moreover, you would understand that because of racial biases in the US it has been harder for people of color to assimilate because of obvious reasons. Nonetheless, I would imagine that the same bigotry that you demonstrate was also used against your grandparents when they first immigrated to the USA. I find that sad.

    “Steal and cheat” — I agree that a minority of illegal immigranys steal and cheat…just as a minority of Americans steal and cheat. This is the statistical standard for any segment of the population. However, many illegal immigrants simply want to live the American dream. They wants their children to have a better life than they did. Its that same dream that your grandparents had.

    I am assuming that when your grandparents entered the US it was legal. During your grandparents time it was also fairly simple to ener the US. There is probably no difference from the amount of exertion that you grandparents made to enter the US as the amount of exertion that illegals use to enter the US. So under your “logic” your grandparents were also lazy.

    “Yep, you're right”….thank you for acknowledging that you're wrong.

  5. Remember 1492…..
    then, history books will never tell us the following:
    48 million indigenous peoples of the “NEW WORLD” were killed…..
    yes, someone else called them Indians.
    it is time to get over all of the misguided racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic separations.
    John Lennon did IMAGINE A NEW WORLD
    It is 2009?


  6. I think she has the right to put up anything she wants in her property. It's freedom of speech. I am hispanic and I wouldn't get offended if I see a sign like that. However, I would definitely think that someone ignorant and uneducated lives in that house – I'm also free to think however I please :)

    And Stavroula, I sort of understand your point but I have to agree with joe22. Also, wouldn't you agree that putting a sign like that would just make her a very easy target for those “crimes” you talk about. If she really wants to release that anger in a positive way, she should seek other ways.

  7. i have continued to think about what Dr. E. stated and it has given me a bit of a holy tremble thinking about what has likely bounced back on her. . . .mercy!

    “The woman who has the sign in Texas, is the only one not represented in this conversation herself. I wish she were. What you think she 'needs' may not be so. My hunch is, since this news story hit, she may be in need of privacy more than anything.” Dr. E.

    what a lesson in karma, put up a sign for some marginal group of people to “KEEP OUT” and what does it do but attract the whole darn country into a skirmish about the violation of all kinds of subtle and not so subtle “rights”. . .

    in the invisible world it is said all minds are connected?

    poor little woman what it must be like to have hundred of thousands in controversy cluttering her space

    Phew! Karma or the law of return

    Maybe we could send her a little love?

  8. She explained herself by stating that her problem is with those hispanics that come illegally. Unfortunately, that is NOT what the sign reads. “Hispanics keep out” is directed towards all hispanics. It is extremely offensive to any American citizen who happens to be hispanic.

    If she wants to address the illegal immigration issue, why not make a sign that reads: “Illegal Hispanics, keep out”?

    My guess is, the lady is actually a big racist, that can't stand hispanics in general, but was too much of a coward to admit it on national television, probably for the fear of getting lynched.

  9. Hispanic,Spanish,Latino there so messed up they don,t even know what to call there own culture. 12 million illegals that don't make them immigrants it makes them criminals and trespassers they should be “shot”. My grandmother was an Italian immigrant can I speak Italian. NO. Would I want to speak Italian NO, My own 84 yr old mother can't speak Italian would she want to, I don't think so. Her mom did but only her mom and who learned to speak English because people who IMMIGRATED were proud to be American and assimilate to the American way of life. America first. Your other culture should be left behind. For you idiots out there we're not talking about pizza or burritos. We're talking about how one acts,speaks,beliefs, wrights and what flag they wave. Where I come from it better have 50 stars. O ya again for you idiots out there, there is still only 50 states NOT 51. As far as they little ole lady in Texas she summed it all up Hispanics keep out she could have said SPICS or BEANERS keep out. Now that would be ignorant. She has only exercised her freedom of speech and in Texas if that don't work the 2nd amendment does. So if there is any trouble from Spics,Beaners,Hispanics,Latinos or Spanish she should just shoot there Asses perfectly legal in Texas too. See how they and the bunny loving liberals like that. God Bless America !!!!!!

  10. 1. Well NotaWOP — I'm sorry you don't speak Italian. People who are bilinigual are (a) usually smart and (b) able to get a better job. You sound like a moron.

    2. Hispanic people refer to their culture in many ways because the hispanic culture is diverse. However, I would like to point out that Americans also refer to their culture in many ways because we are a diverse nation.

    3. I hope you are not inciting people to shoot anyone. That would be illegal — incitement is illegal. It is not legal to shoot anyone in Texas for no reason.

    4. Criminal trespassing is NOT entering the US unauthorized. Two different things.

    If you want to use legal terms and state what is legal and not legal in Texas I suggest you read the Texas Penal Code and the State constitution. Please look up the word “incitement.” Your post reaks of it.

  11. Joe 22:
    Thanks for explaining the law and some manners to NotaWOP

  12. Well Joe as I remember criminal trespassing and entering the US illegally is still breaking the law. I disagree with being bilingual makes you smarter.Makes you diverse but not smarter. Hey I like pizza and burritos but that doesn't mean I agree with you at all. Joe were not talking about some little old lady doing drive buys as so many cowardly hispanic gangs do. What I'm saying if the woman feels the need to protect herself and love ones and there is trouble at her residence because of her sign she has every right to get her 357 or I prefer an American built AR-15 and shoot her wood be trespassers “Period” and in Texas it makes no difference if it is in or out of the house. O Joe as for being a moron I wouldn't call somebody who makes $85k a yr an idiot. But lets look what the illegals bring to our nation. O ya NOTHING !!!! Work for next to nothing, not good for somebody who has the right to be here and would work for a fair wage. O free health care like thats not a problem I pay for mine comes out of my check every week. O welfare there is another good one. Like I said you bunny loving liberals have no idea what it means to be American, This country is being ruined by people like yourself. Kudos to the old lady who is sticking up for what she believes in sounds to me like her lil sign is making more of an impact on our country than going to her state rep. So who is the moron now ! Loser

  13. Here is your law JOE22 and D E Rodrigues It depends on which states uphold the Castle Doctrine.It also seems that Texas is one of them so there. States which do have the Doctrine on their books consider the killing of trespassers as justifiable. So am I being an inciter, Nope just putting it on the line here are the facts. So if you plan on going on the lil old ladies law and she has a sign and your hispanic. Tread lightly you may get shot. FACT Damm liberals


    That is a map of Castle Doctrine states as at January 2009.

  14. Wow, you are so stupid it hurts to read your comments/

    1. ” prefer an American built AR-15 and shoot her wood be trespassers “Period” and in Texas it makes no difference if it is in or out of the house.”

    — Actually, you cannot be a trespasser unless you trespass onto property. A “would be trespasser” does not exist in the eyes of the law. You may be able to shoot a trespasser under Texas law if they are attempting to commit a felony upon your property — its called the castle doctrine — however the totality of circumstances are taken into account and you still me be liable for homocide or a lesser offense (manslaughter). Nonetheless, if you shot anyone on the street because you thought they may be a trespasser in the future then you would be arrested for criminal homocide.

    2. “O Joe as for being a moron I wouldn't call somebody who makes $85k a yr an idiot.”
    —- I know plenty of idiots who make more than you. I made exactly double your salary as my starting salary and I worked with plenty of morons. There is no connection between the amount of salary one makes and their intelligence. How many people chose to be a teacher or to do public interest work and are amazingly bright and talented but understand that these jobs do not pay as much as others?

    I can tell by the way you write and by your incoherent logic that you're a moron.

    3. But lets look what the illegals bring to our nation. O ya NOTHING !!

    —— It is well documented by economists that this recession would be even worse if it wasn't for the work force that they bring to the country.

    4. “Like I said you bunny loving liberals have no idea what it means to be American, This country is being ruined by people like yourself.”

    I do not consider myself a liberal. I think it is very silly that you are trying to insult me by calling me a liberal or “bunny loving.” In fact, I hate bunnies. My sister has three pet bunnies and I can't stand them.

    5. “Kudos to the old lady who is sticking up for what she believes in sounds to me like her lil sign is making more of an impact on our country than going to her state rep.”

    —— I do not think the lady has said anything that “changed” the country. Lets not get carried away — we're on a message board with only 5 people commenting. The country has over 300 million people. I think most of America just feel she's a bigoted moron like you. The rest don't care.

  15. See now “Stupid Hurts” I bet you wouldn't call me that to my face. I would exercise a few rights you may know nothing about. Besides nobody is talking about the woman going out and hurting innocent people. My point is and only is if she don't want hispanics on her property that is her right. And according to the castle law she can verbally tell them or use a sign. In the news I dint see her and her friends inciting a riot I'm sure she has more respect than that. But i did see a bunch of over weight trailer trash looking people making there faces know. Wait we have not heard the last of this event. See who draws first blood my bet is on the hispanics that don't like her sign. “When seconds count the police are only minutes away” I myself would trust my AR15 it does not discriminate on height, weight, age, social back round, color or religion. Be sure if you step foot in my house without an invitation you will be leaving the same way. This conversation is over no more wasted time with you!

  16. “See now “Stupid Hurts” I bet you wouldn't call me that to my face.”

    – No, I wouldnt say it to your face. You would probably shoot me cause you're too stupid to have an intelligent conversation. All you know how to do is use a gun. You are nothing better than the gangs that you refer to. You're a loser and always will be one.

    “Be sure if you step foot in my house without an invitation you will be leaving the same way.”

    —- This makes no sense. If I enter your house without an invitation on foot I'll be leaving your hose the “same way.” By entering your house on foot I'd leave on foot according to your statement. I do not think that was the point you were trying to make. You really need to learn how to write and express your throughts. You sound so stupid. Someone neeeds to slap you with some education. Or you should preface all your comments with “Please excuse what I'm about to say because I'm a moron.”

    “This conversation is over no more wasted time with you!”

    At least we can agree to that….you stupid loser. Please get an education. I'll pay for it. I can't stand to see such a moron and a waste of life.

  17. Notawop says:

    ” This country is being ruined by people like yourself.”

    At least one of the two you are ranting against has served in the U.S. military for 20 years to give you the opportunity to express your prejudiced ideas.

    Your are welcome

  18. DE, just corrected a typo in your post, that's all.


  19. Dear Notawop, just to set the record straight for our readers about your speaking of your weaponry and the law in Texas or elsewhere, what you refer to as 'castle law,' which is a colloquial term for actual laws that have to do with home invasion by strangers or known persons … who are intent on severe bodily harm or murder of occupant(s).

    As you know, people who are PIs, and shootists like I am, people who are military, people who are trained in firearms in a professional manner, seldom speak of their firearms or, when riled up as you seem to be, they do not shout out what they think they themselves or others ought do with their firearms in a menacing and illegal manner.

    Your grasp of the law needs more study by you.

    I find nearly no reason to harp on what I do for a living, but as a member of NRA, your seeming loose talk about guns is not what any weapons carrier holds as a code of honor about firearms. If someone who carries firearms has set such a poor example for you, I suggest you get professional training. If you have had a course in firearms, I suggest you go take it again and learn the proper code of honor re being an owner and carrier of a firearm.

    It is NEVER an option to speak slop about killing other people that you yourself are not endangered by in the absolute present moment. That's the code of professionalism, just for starters. For men. For women.

    Next, you are mistaken about it being legal to shoot a person you dont like, in any state in the Union. Where I live, a stranger or known person would have to break in to a domecile, and the threat would have to be maiming or murder… and the intruder would need to be armed with weaponry capable of maiming or harm

    You cannot shoot an intruder dead if they are unarmed and you kinda sorta think they meant to do you in. Even that will likely produce a charge of manslaughter against the homeowner / businessowner.

    The 'advice' you are waving around thusly is incomplete and in error.

    And again, normally I would not mention any of this here and publicly, but you appear to have what we call at the range, 'loose grips' and this is just to correct the record for those readers who might not be in the know about the law and firearms… and professionalism.

    I see much Notawop, and say little comparatively. Dont mistake me or other writers/ commenters here who are gentle as their not being also fire-fierce when need be. It's an error that bullies often make, assuming the gentle dont also have the stones.

    By the way, just saw huge Italian-American parade in Chicago in the last cycle of their big 5 day festival. So many lovely flags from Italy being waved on State Street all the way to Lake Michigan.


  20. Appreciated. Can use all the moderation I can get when “debating” the likes of NotaWOP

  21. NotaWOP: “Hispanic,Spanish,Latino there so messed up they don,t even know what to call there own culture.”

    So… how do you identify yourself? As an American? Italian-American? Have you ever identified yourself as Italian? Or if you're from New York, as a New Yorker (or whichever city you're from? Do you consider yourself of “European descent”? These are words which can all be used to describe you, just like the words, “Hispanic”, “Spanish” and “Latino” can be used to describe people from various regions or countries.

    Such descriptions can be based on nationality i.e. Spanish or Italian, or a broader geographical area i.e. Latin America or Europe.

    So before you say that certain people don't even know what to call their own culture, is there one word which you have always used to always describe yourself, given the options I mentioned above, i.e. America, Italian-American, etc.?

  22. Please! explain one thing what is a hispanic?

  23. LIterally trevino, a Hispanic is a name the US government made up to call people who come from heritages where Spanish was the main language and because of our mix of Native American and Spanish blood in the main, we were not considered Caucasian or Negro. The name Hispanic was made up for the government census and is a government invention. Many people from Spanish speaking heritages call themselves Latinos. Some who are political might call themselves Chicano. Generally we like to just be called people, but when the topic is us, you'll find some use Chicano, some Latino(a), and some Hispanic.

    thanks and hope that helps


  24. While ya'll focus on arguing over hispanic immigration issues. Any of you hear about the little girl who was gang raped and then disowned by her family because among Liberian immigrants, it is that little girl's fault that four boys gang raped her?

    Cultural differences are not limited to the annoyance factor of blasting salsa radio stations. It includes the old fashioned latin daddy who traded his underage daughter into marriage last year in California for beer money. It was apparently an old tradition amongst those in the rural Mexican region they come from.

  25. Trading a child is not an old tradition among those in rural Mexico. Sorry Cowtown. Your facts are wrong.

  26. Cowtown “Lady”:

    archangel is being very polite.

    Your “facts” are full of BS and speak more of your own prejudices than of your lack of knowledge of culture and traditions.

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