Flip HD and Bustup Don’t Bailout Those Giant Companies

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usNYTimes Bits Blog:

The fastest growing company in Silicon Valley over the past few years was not Facebook, VMWare, or all-mighty Google. According to Deloitte, the professional services firm, it was a company whose name you probably won’t recognize but whose product you will: Pure Digital Technologies, maker of the popular Flip video camera.

In a study released last month, Deloitte said that revenues at Pure Digital, a 90-employee firm based in San Francisco, grew 44,667 percent, the highest rate in Silicon Valley over the last five years. Pure Digital says it has sold over 1.5 million devices since it first unveiled its Flip product line in 2007.

This week, Pure Digital is showing how it achieved that distinction and carved out the leading share of the camcorder market: the company is unveiling the Flip Mino HD, a 3.3 oz camcorder that captures video in crisp high-definition and allows owners to easily play clips on their televisions and upload them to video sharing sites like YouTube and MySpace.

Endgadget has video from the camera which Jonathan Kaplan, Pure Digital’s chief executive, says “is our first product that is starting to scratch a little bit at the traditional camcorder buyer.”

NewTeeVee likes the new features. The camera perfectly illustrates a point made earlier this morning by Fred Wilson as he exercised on an elliptical trainer at the gym:

Bustup not bailout should be our rallying cry. Once upon a time busting up big companies was a populist movement. Its time for that movement to rise up again. Not so much to rid our society of monopolies but to rid our society of financial minefields that are ‘too big to fail’. I read a quote on twitter yesterday that said ‘too big to fail means too big to exist’.

And yet the govt’s answer to our problems is to push for more consolidation. Its nutty. Scale and complexity is the enemy of innovation and what ails most of the large businesses in this country, auto in particular, is a structural lack of innovation in the industry architecture…

We have to get the biggest businesses in this country smaller and nimbler, we have to get smart money behind them, builders not spreadsheet pushers, and we must focus on innovation not lobbying. That’s the only way forward that makes sense short of throwing them all under the bus and starting over

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