The Sarah Palin Clothing Scandal (What?)

I came downstairs this morning and flipped on the television while making coffee, flipped through MSNBC, Fox and CNN, and saw everyone talking about the same story. It seems that the RNC may have spent up to $150,000 on clothing and makeup for Governor Palin’s three months on the campaign trail. Regular readers of this space should be well-aware that I’ve not been a fan of Sarah Palin ever since John McCain’s announcement of her selection, but even I am left scratching my head here. Is this really a story in the political arena now?

People spend what they can afford to spend on clothing. Personally, I tend to wait for a good sale from Joseph A. Bank when you can get a very nice men’s suit for two hundred dollars. But that’s because I’m not exactly made of money. Were I some sort of high-powered CEO with a seven figure income, I’m sure that my suits would cost five grand and I’d have some Armani in the closet.

I have no idea what Sarah Palin spent on clothes when she was the Mayor of Wasilla, but now she is in the public spotlight and running for Vice President. She also strikes me as an attractive woman who cares about her appearance and probably likes to dress and look her best. The campaign obviously wants her to look her best for the media and is spending accordingly. They can afford to do it, so why wouldn’t they?

There are twelve days of campaigning left before we go to the polls. Surely there are better things for us to spend our time on.