Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: Obama Retakes Slight Lead Over Clinton

After days showing Senator Hillary Clinton on the ascent against her chief rival for the Democratic Presidential nomination Senator Barack Obama, the latest Gallup Daily Tracking poll now puts Obama slightly ahead:

The peeling away of national Democratic support for Barack Obama seen this past week may have run its course. After trailing Hillary Clinton by one percentage point in Saturday’s Gallup Poll Daily tracking report, Obama now leads Clinton by two points, 47% to 45%.

Obama’s largest lead to date in the Democratic nomination race came less than a week ago when he led Clinton by 11 points, 51% to 40%. However, Obama’s support began to erode slightly even before the highly publicized April 16 Democratic debate in Philadelphia, and fell more significantly in the two days immediately after it. His advantage whittled away to a 1-point deficit in April 16-18 tracking, the first time since mid-March that Clinton’s share of the vote exceeded Obama’s, albeit by a statistically insignificant margin.

In a race seemingly constrained by the laws of motion — “what goes up must come down” –, Obama has for now stemmed the recent drop in his support and is back in front of Clinton, albeit with a non-significant 2-point lead.


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