EU Predicts Recession, Record Dole Lines in 2013

EU predicts recession, record dole queues in 2013 (via AFP)

The eurozone is staring at another full year of recession in 2013 with unemployment likely to surge above the 20-million mark with France in particular overshooting fiscal targets, the EU warned on Friday. Economic output across the 17-state currency area — home to about 340 million people and a global…

Author: Guest Voice

  • Jim Satterfield

    If the reign of austerity continues I doubt they’ll see any economic growth in early 2014 either. Maybe not in 2014 at all.

  • KP

    Jim, what types of steps should France take besides the increased tax rates that have already been put in place?

  • rudi

    The US economy, while it is sluggish, is still doing better than the EU. Yet the wingnuts want to go the austerity route…