Corrupt Prosecutor Mary Kellett Going Down?

A prosecutor who appears to have made her career pursuing false rape and domestic violence charges in order to make money for her office is in serious trouble, reports Maine Public Broadcasting Network on Mary Kellett.

Those of us who support equal rights under the law have reason to rejoice tonight.

Author: DEAN ESMAY, Guest Voice Columnist

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  • Dr. J

    Dean, that’s a double-gulp charge substantiated by a demitasse link. The story describes not a career but a single case, refers to only two procedural failures which might have just been sloppiness, and doesn’t demonstrate malice or corruption on Kellett’s part. If there’s more meat somewhere, it would make for a stronger post.

  • DEAN ESMAY, Guest Voice Columnist

    Have written about her deplorable hijinx previously. Will see what I can dig up later, bad day today.

  • ilya_arkadiev

    Let me help you out with that one:

    Here is the link to Vladek Filler’s movement to remove this Grand Inquisitor for good. Go there and scroll down to Mary Kellett’s prosecution history. You will notice her entire career is based on malicious prosecution, and tampering with witnesses and evidence.

    One of the most notorious ones (that I find even worse than Vladek’s case but not widely commmented) is of the man who was accused of domestic assault and supposed to have his wife testify on his behalf. She called his wife into the office and lied to her that this man murdered his previous wife in “the feat of passion”. The man indeed had involuntary manslaughter conviction that he went to prison for in the past and served his time for it, but it was some random stranger.

    These types of people along with likes of Mike Nifong need to be put in prison.