The Event: Chapter 13

Mick LaSalle published the 13th chapter of The Event. As we are used to from Mick by now, another great chapter with some fascinating developments. This is how it starts…

Americans reacted to the murder of Sadie East with a collective shock and horror that extended across party lines and reached every stratum of society. As they prepared to leave for work, even as the newspapers on their kitchen tables emblazoned Lyle B. East’s European triumph, millions found themselves immobilized in front of their televisions. The news described something inconceivable, the execution-style slaying of president’s eldest daughter, the White House hostess and a familiar figure in American life. The death of Sadie East marked the last time the American people were ever united – and appropriately, it was in grief.

Yes, they turn it into a tragic murder. The murder suspect? One Sebastian Uribe, a drug addict from Guatemala.

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Author: michaelvdg

  • ChuckPrez

    But she finally gets it…what took her so long? after something like this? well better now than never, y’know.