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Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 in International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, Society, War | 0 comments

World Needs U.S. to Step Up and Defend Syrian Protesters (Al-Seyassah, Kuwait)

Is Washington applying double standards when involving itself in the ever-growing number of Arab uprisings? Is it too involved or not involved enough? It’s a maddening foreign policy conundrum if there ever was one.

Asserting that helping Syria’s opposition topple their regime is in keeping with America’s heritage, Dr. Abdul Rahman Mubarak al-Dusari, for Kuwait’s Al-Seyassah, writes that it behooves the United States to live up to its advertising, and help Syrians remove the yoke of the Assad regime – in business since 1971.

For Al-Seyassah, Dr. Abdul Rahman Mubarak al-Dusari writes in part:

The opinion of the United States is respected by the countries and peoples of the world, not because it is the greatest power in the world; not because it has the largest economy in the world; and not even because it is the most developed country in the world. It is respected because the U.S. is the largest democracy in the world and because it is the world’s leading protector of human rights. Because of this, America has played a role in toppling autocratic and tyrannical regimes in a large number of countries.

In the face of Syrian people suffering repression and mass murder during their uprising, the U.S. position is surprising, especially considering America’s role as protector of liberty. The position of the Democratic administration of Barack Obama should be at least as strong as previous Republican administrations in regard to standing up for the freedom of all peoples, including the Syrian people, who are now confronting the brutality of their ruling regime and the Iranian one as well.

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