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Posted by on Aug 26, 2010 in At TMV | 0 comments

When You Start Cheering The Other Guy…

Woe is me. What have I become? How did this come to pass? What bizarre, terrifying confluence of circumstances have led me to actually agree with House Republican leader John Boehner?

The other day Representative Boehner said that President Obama should immediately get rid of his top two economic policy advisors, Tim Geithner and Larry Summers. And instead of hissing at the image of Boehner on my TV as is my usual response to his pronouncements, I found myself standing up and cheering. “Yes,” I cried. “Go get ’em, John.”

Then I realized what I has just spoken and fell back into my chair, sobbing. What had I done? I suddenly had a deeply unsettling vision of myself crossing a picket line, or moving to Arizona so I could vote for Ben Quayle.

No, I haven’t totally crossed the aisle politically. Not yet anyway. But you know, when long-time card-carrying liberals like myself think someone like Boehner is more attuned to economic reality than the Hope and Change guy we thought we were electing in 2008, the Democratic Party is in deep, deep trouble.

George W. Bush was The Other Guy’s guy, and with a lot less apparent political room to maneuver, delivered big time for Them. What, exactly, do you think you’ve been delivering for the folks who got you elected, Mr. Obama?

O.K. Tim and Larry can’t be canned before the coming election. But I implore you, sir, waste not a lot of time doing so very shortly thereafter.

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