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Posted by on Aug 13, 2019 in Bigotry, Cartoons, Journalism, Media, Politics, Race | 0 comments

TUCKER’S MELLOW (Cartoon, Column and Video)

Conservatives are going nuts defending Donald Trump’s racism. They argue that comments such as “send them back” or “infestation” aren’t racist. They sell the idea that there’s no correlation between him and mass shooters who echo his code words. They use false equivalency to deflect from Trump’s racism, like trying to tie Democrats to a mass shooter who never wrote a manifesto or made posts on social media about a political agenda as a reason for his carnage. Often as a first resort, they lie to defend Trump’s racism. But the thing is, they’re not defending Trump’s racism anymore. They’re defending racism.

Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson went on an online bender of defending racists. He got away from defending Donald Trump and started defending white supremacists. Tucker said that White Supremacy is a “hoax” and it’s “not a real problem in America.” Then, he went on vacation. But don’t worry. Fox News has other racists personalities.

When did defending white supremacists become part of the agenda?

It was reported a few days ago that the Trump administration wanted the Department of Homeland Security to put less focus on white nationalists groups that they perceive as a danger. They wanted DHS to put most of their focus on scary brown people. Do you know who commits the majority of terrorist attacks in this nation? Scary white people.

After ICE raided factories in Mississippi and little crying brown children were on the news crying for their missing parents, the White House told ICE to do more because they loved that image. Brown children crying really resonates with the Trump base, almost as much as baby jails.

It’s also been reported that Trump’s campaign believes accusations that Trump is a white supremacist will help Trump in the coming election. A majority of Americans believe Trump is a racist. Continuing to call him a white supremacist isn’t going to lower those numbers but it will convince more and more white supremacists he’s one of theirs.

After a white supremacist who wrote a manifesto praising Trump as a “beacon” killed over 50 Muslims in New Zealand, Trump said he didn’t believe white supremacy to be a threat. But he believes MS-13 is a threat.

There are around two million gang members in the United States. The only gang you hear about from Trump and Trump TV (Fox News) is MS-13. Out of those two million gang members, MS-13 only accounts for about 10,000. So why are we only hearing about MS-13? Because they’re brown.

Tucker Carlson has also championed the threat of MS-13. He would never call it a hoax. But he calls the threat of white supremacy a hoax. Tucker has claimed that anyone who calls out MS-13 is labeled as a “racist.” No, Tucker. But defending white supremacists will get you labeled as a racist.

Tucker says there aren’t enough white supremacists to fill a football stadium. He’s right, depending on the stadium. There are only about 25,000 “official” white supremacists in the U.S. Why, that’s about double the attendance of your standard Trump rally (but he did pull in 25,000 in Alabama…hmmm). But if 25,000 aren’t a threat, then why are 10,000?

And, we’re talking about the “official” members the FBI can track. How many white supremacists are out there with violent intentions who have never been tracked? I’m sure Tucker knows a lot of white supremacists, but I doubt he knows each one personally to verify their cuddliness.

While authorities have tracked around 25,000 “official” members, around 200,000 subscribe to racist publications and websites. It’s a much bigger problem than Tucker or Trump cares to admit.

I don’t believe either Donald Trump or Tucker Carlson are white supremacists. But I do believe they’re racists supporting and enabling white supremacists and hate in general. Their agenda is hate.

Tucker has defended, enabled, and justified racism. And, if you support Donald Trump, you’re a defender of racism too.

A lot of racists are like those suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect. They’re don’t know they’re in the club. If you suffer from the TuckerTrump effect, congratulations.

You’re in the club.

Creative Note: This cartoon has now been blocked by Instagram. Go figure.

Watch me draw.

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