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Posted by on Apr 13, 2018 in International, Middle East, Russia, Syria | 0 comments

The Syrian Crisis In a Nutshell

As the political noose keeps tightening around Trump’s neck, the situation in Syria could easily escalate out of control. In the last couple of days Russia has been making statements and taking action which assume war with the United States is around the corner.

1 – The Russian ambassador to Lebanon has stated that U.S Missiles would be shot down and the launch sites destroyed.

2 – The Chief of the Russian General Staff has said they will destroy the destroyers who launch missiles.

3 – There is a lot of unusual military activity around Russian safe sites in the Ural Mountains. This has led to speculation that Putin has invoked articles 87 and 88 of the Russian Constitution which declares a National Emergency

4 – Russia is moving squadrons of their SU-34 bombers to a base in Southern Iran where they can easily reach Syria and return. The SU-34 is equipped with anti-ship missiles.

5 – Putin has announced they have finished testing on March 1st their Sarmat ICBM and it is now in service. This is a heavy payload ICBM which can jettison 10-15 Hydrogen bombs at a time.

6 – Between Russian forces along with tens of thousands of battle hardened Hezballah and Syrian troops will turn their forces against the 3000 American troops in country and that could be a bloodbath against us.

7 – If Israel tries to reinforce the American effort in Syria, Hezballah has 100,000 missiles in Southern Lebanon which will turn Tel Aviv into a ghost town. This number of missiles will completely overwhelm Israel’s missile defense system.

8 – Finally, some sense from the White House, Defense Secretary James Mattis announced today that the U.S. will send investigators to Syria to determine who was responsible for the chlorine attack. In other words, we will no longer take the word of the rebels who said it was Assad who did it.

In summary, this is a FUBAR situation and Trump is not equipped to handle it. I sure hope sane people can tamp down Trump’s oversized ego before he gets us into WWIII.