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Posted by on Oct 5, 2007 in At TMV | 0 comments

The Joys Of Hotel Internet

If your hair has gotten too long, don’t bother going to a barber or beautician.

Just travel around the United States and stay in hotels and try to find reliable Internet.

It’ll make you pull our hair out in frustration and save you the cost of a haircut.

This is being written from Visalia, California where I just completed a 305 mile drive from San Diego. When people email me about TMV (particularly those who get mad because I have not answered their email within an hour after they sent it) they don’t realize: I am the ORIGINAL “wandering Jew” — averaging about 300 miles of driving A DAY this week as I display my unique performing art form to all and sundry…anywhere in the U.S.

A tip to travelers. I have now found that one of the most reliable hotel chains (besides Holiday Inns) to stay in is Best Western. Those hotels are on a Best Western Internet service that is indeed excellent and reliable now. In this case I decided, since I’d get in so late, to stay at a non-chain hotel. The clerk told me when I called that they had good internet. But when I arrived I learned from another clerk that it wasn’t so hot…and it would not connect.

Dial up took about 20 minutes to connect…and the signal is so weak I will only do this post and one or two very short pointer posts…and not post otherwise until tomorrow afternoon, from Starbucks.

If you’re a student, businessperson or blogger who needs Internet, make sure you really question the person when you call to make a reservation. My own posts will resume late Friday.