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Posted by on Dec 30, 2007 in Arts & Entertainment | 0 comments

The Blossoming Comedy And Irony Of Will Drinker

I’m a huge fan of Will Drinker, an award winning student filmmaker. Drinker — whose name you will likely see on credits in a movie theater or on some hit television program one day — has a wonderful sense of humor and irony.

For students of comedy (and non students):

Here is one of my favorite videos of all time — Color Me Blind which is about how activists fail to see eye to eye with their newest diversity group member. (Drinker is the group leader):

And here’s his most recent one: Who Am I? (An Artist’s Search For Truth) which chronicles a student filmmaker shooting his award winning student film “Who Am I?” It’s an improv behind the scenes documentary sketch parody on set location cinema verite.

Here’s the link to his website which also includes his bio (note all the awards and award nominations).

I first “met” Will when I was on a ventriloquists’ email list and he was in high school. We corresponded, I sent him some videos from my big collection of classic comedian videos (films, early TV) but it became clear that he was going on to a much higher level than where I was (and am) in show biz….into more general comedy, filmmaking and directing. He doesn’t need a dummy (unlike me and political consultants). You can view many of his short films on this You Tube link.