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Posted by on Sep 14, 2010 in Politics | 0 comments

So, What’s The Plan?

With Republicans poised to take control of the House and capture enough Senate seats to filibuster everything, the burning question is “what do they plan to do?” Criticizing the party in power is easy politics. Governing is another matter.

Once in power, even if only in the House, Republicans will be expected to participate in solving the pressing problems the country faces. Passing a “We’re Not Them Act” won’t get it done, nor will filibustering everything short of serving apple pie in the Senate cafeteria. What can be garnered from the politics so far is that Republicans want to extend the Bush tax cuts. They don’t like HCR but won’t have the votes for repeal or significant revision. Some would like to build a big fence.

Is there a budget plan? What is it? Is there a re-employment plan to drive down unemployment? What is it? Is there a plan to clean up government, do what Pelosi promised but didn’t accomplish and drain the swamp? How will you do it?

Maybe most Americans are just so angry they’ll vote against the party in power to the benefit of whoever is out of power. Some of us would like to know what to expect if there’s a change in the House majority or maybe even the Senate. Will it be more Bush/Cheney/Rove? Will it be something different?

Tell us what’s in store when you win. What’s the plan?