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Posted by on Sep 4, 2009 in At TMV | 11 comments

Seeing Through Obama

Obama and his crew may think they can fool us conservatives. These folks think we can’t spot a con or an outright conspiracy when we see it. Well, Mr. President, it turns out you’re wrong about that.

That value of education speech you were planning to broadcast to school kids. Sounds innocuous, doesn’t it? At least at first hearing. Well, if you have the kind of smarts we’ve got, there’s nothing innocuous here at all.

You think we don’t know that one of the few honest accomplishments of the old Soviet Union was that they provided near universal literacy to their people? Well, we do know it. And when we see someone like yourself talking about “the importance of education,” we see it for what it is — a code phrase for creeping Bolshivism. Gotcha!

And those other two speeches we’ve heard you’ve got planned. The ones on motherhood and apple pie. Maybe your pals on the left can’t see where this is going. We do.

Look carefully at the word “motherhood.” Note that its first part is “mother.” And in case you think our cultural awareness doesn’t include where this word opening leads with certain ethnic groups — groups that are your strongest backers — well, we do. No sir. This kind of mother… peddling will not pass under our radar.

And apple pie. Pies made of apples. You think we don’t know that this country’s biggest apple growers are in the Northeast and Northwest, both Democratic strongholds. A real American pie, if you were in fact really interested in supporting one, is filled with pecans. Or is that too American and flag waving and red state for your tastes?

We’re out here, Mr. President. And we’re watching you real close. Don’t try to get anything important past us. Because as your “importance of education” ruse makes clear, we’ll go to the mat on anything and everything. You betcha!