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Posted by on Jul 5, 2009 in Politics | 14 comments


It doesn’t matter how much you study American politics, it still manages to spring a surprise on you when you least expect it. Anyway you try and analyze Sarah Palin’s decision to stand down as Governor of Alaska during her FIRST TERM, it still boggles the mind. I have been reserving judgment about Sarah Palin ever since her debut onto the national American stage in 2008, but I have made up my mind. This woman frightens the life out of me.

I have tried my very best to find a single, well thought out policy speech, statement or remark that explains her views on current political debates and I have come up empty. I have searched for almost a year and I have come up with nothing. This is a woman whose conservative political credentials are Christian centric and very limited. I haven’t heard or read her views on the current global economic disaster in great detail, I haven’t heard about what she thinks could be the solution to peace in the Middle-East, I haven’t heard about her thoughts on Health Care but I do know her views on gun rights, abortion and the role of religion (Christianity) in American society.

Again, this woman frightens me.

She should also frighten the life out of true conservatives. No I’m not talking about the pseudo-morally pure politicians who claim to have fiscal constraint but oversaw the 8 years before Obama took office, I am talking about conservatives in the same mold as the men and women who helped Clinton take control of the deficit – men and women who are now a rarity both in the Senate and the House. I have to believe that such Republicans still exist. I have to believe that they are not all Libertarians or ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats. I have to believe that Palin also conjures up unpleasant feelings within the very depths of their souls because this woman can realistically become President of the United States one day.

Whats the saying? Only in America.

In Palin I see the end of the mainstream elected Conservative political thinkers.

Many might have ill-feelings towards Mr Gingrich but you could never say that his political views were not thoroughly thought out. You would have never seen Gingrich do Couric as Palin did it. Mr Gingrich can look at his work in the nineties and hold his head up high. Instead in Palin I can envision the rise of Pop Socialcons – compassionate conservatism without the compassion. The ultimate hijack of the Republican Party by the religious far-right wing all packaged with a wink and a smile.

I know how this all sounds, call me sexist, call me a socialist or call me an elitist – that’s all fine with me but please tell me how she would get the banks loaning money again. I am happy to be considered all of the above but if you can tell me how she plans to calm the growing tensions in the Middle-East I will gladly be pleasantly surprised by Ms Palin. But I am unable to find such mind easing statements.

It’s disappointing because America needs a respected, functioning, intelligent opposition to Obama’s Democratic Party. If there was ever a time to sell real fiscal Conservative values it would be now, when job loss rates are at its highest in 26 years and confidence in the American financial market is at an all time low. But instead America has an opposition party that is in meltdown and foams at the mouth and screams ‘SOCIALIST’ every time Obama is on the television screen (which is alot).

If the Republicans want steer their way out of the political wilderness, Palin is NOT the driver to help them do so.