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Posted by on Mar 19, 2007 in At TMV | 20 comments

Palestinian Finance Minister: We have to Stop Begging

My, my, who would have thought: a Palestinian minister who says that the Palestinians should stop begging, well, beg less that is, and, instead, should become self-sufficient. Meanwhile, he wants the West to help the PA out now, which is struggling financially.

I have said in the past that the West should not sponsor the PA until it recognizes Israel, but I am afraid that I have changed my mind. I’ve got a new proposal. What if we would promise the PA to help it out for the coming 2.5-3 years, until, say, January 1, 2010? If the PA wants us to continue doing so, it has to, by before mentioned date, officially recognize Israel, condemn terrorism, reform its educational system / rewrite its textbooks, this time without hate-filled propaganda in it, and, lastly, it has to negotiate with Israel and the West about lasting peace.

If it does not, the money flow will stop immediately. So, the PA can use its time in two ways: one, doing what we want it to do, two, becoming self-sufficient / talking other, non-Western countries into donating millions and millions of dollars every year.

Good idea?

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