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Posted by on Sep 1, 2008 in Politics | 44 comments

One Most Likely Biting the Dust

On Friday, as part of a list of potential issues which looked as if they might complicate (if not stick a knife in) the Republican ticket following the selection of Sarah Palin, I wondered “if the following would turn into a story.” The “following” in that case was a set of pictures which began circulating of the Governor questioning whether or not she was actually pregnant this year. Well, it most certainly did turn into a story that raged all weekend across the blogosphere. However, while there was a lot of smoke and many questions raised, it’s looking unlikely that any fire will be found underneath.


The photo doesn’t seem to be dated, but she certainly appears to be expecting. Even with the odd questions surrounding her plane flight, etc. it’s looking more and more as if this one is going to fall down the rabbit hole as a swing-and-a-miss by the bloggers. The campaign has a bit much on its hands at the moment to be answering every question and theory from Blogistan but I imagine they will be able to nail this one shut with little to no trouble should they choose to. Obviously, nothing as drastic as DNA tests or such will be required. No doubt the family should be able to proudly display some snapshots or video clips of the happy mother in the delivery room with the newborn son. (In 2008 who doesn’t have those?) Either way, it’s looking more and more like a case of chasing vapors.

Now all they need to do is get started on the list of the rest of the questions, issues, gaffes and other historical items, and they just might have themselves a viable candidate! (And just for the record, no… the clearing-up of the most tawdry, vacuous item to emerge in the first twelve hours really doesn’t change my disappointment in McCain’s selection of Palin nor encourage me about her viability as a VP and potential President on a moment’s notice. Nor does it sell me on the idea that she underwent a long, thorough vetting.)

UPDATE: (Can we ever have one of these without updates?)

Assuming the provided dates are correct, Bristol could NOT have been the mother of Trig because she is currently five months pregnant. This would mean that she couldn’t have given birth on May 10th of this year to Trig. That should pretty much wrap this up.