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Posted by on Aug 6, 2014 in History, International, Law, Media, Military, Places, Politics, Religion, Terrorism, War | 5 comments

Obama Coddles Assad to Please Iran, Endangering Millions (L’Orient Le Jour, Lebanon)


From quietly colluding with Iran to tamper with the Iraqi elections and keep Nouri Maliki in office – even though he lost, to looking on passively as Bashar al-Assad goes about bombing, torturing, and otherwise killing his Syrian opponents, the Obama Administration has convinced L’Orient Le Jour columnist Michel Touma that it is either disconnected from reality, or up to no good. With the forces of ISIL knocking on Lebanon’s door, Touma expresses exasperation that President Obama doesn’t seem to care that the policies he seems to be pursuing now threaten not only American society, but Europe’s as well. [icopyright one button toolbar]

For L’Orient Le Jour, Michel Touma begins by reminding readers of a recent prediction he feels was ignored:

Last January 21, we published a column in this space entitled Obama and the European Jihadists. We then raised the issue of President Barack Obama’s troubling passivity in the face of the large-scale massacres perpetrated by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and above all, American obstruction of any military aid to the Syrian opposition, even when Damascus enjoys massive and unlimited Russia and Iranian support. Such an attitude, we stressed, could have none other than the inevitable fallout of reinforcing radical trends and the jihadists.


The current events in Ersal (southeast Lebanon) as well as the series of suicide attacks that have struck the country in recent months are, without a doubt, the predictable result of Hezbullah’s involvement in the Syrian war. However, they are just as much a result, which was just as predictable, of the careless “laissez-faire” policy applied in the region by the master of the White House.


President Obama, it seems, is obsessed by a desire to enter into a strategic agreement with the Iranian Islamic republic. This is likely the obsession that in 2010 drove him to flout the outcome of the Iraqi legislative elections (a lesson in democracy!) and reached an agreement with the Iranian government to impose Teheran’s henchman, Nouri al-Maliki, as Iraq’s prime minister. This, even though he had come in second in the poll behind Sunni strongman Iyad Allawi. We know the events since then.

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