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Posted by on Dec 8, 2019 in History, Politics, Race, Scandals, Society | 0 comments

Nikki Haley Exposes Foolishness In South Carolina

Former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley has exposed some gross foolishness being taught in South Carolina.

This excerpt from a USA Today story reveals the foolishness.

Former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is defending comments she made in a recent interview, saying that South Carolinians once equated the Confederate flag with “service and sacrifice and heritage” before the shooter in the 2015 deadly attack on a Charleston church “hijacked” it.

No, Dylann Roof didn’t hijack the Confederate flag. Instead, he had a correct understanding of the heritage that it represents. That flag was originally created for and flown by men who fought, wounded and killed members of the U.S. Army.

The latter’s service and sacrifice should be honored, not the former’s. The former fought, wounded and killed members of the U.S. Army in an attempt to preserve and to expand the enslavement of black Americans.

The enslavement of black Americans is the heritage that the Confederate flag represents, and real Republicans know it. After all, the Republican Party was originally formed in order to fight against the enslavement of black Americans.

The people who defend the Confederate flag aren’t Republicans. Instead, they are Dixiecans, people who worship their Confederate ancestors.

Dixiecans can go around wearing elephant masks all that they want, but they do not represent what the founders of the Republican Party represented.

It makes no sense for Nikki Haley to be a Dixiecan because she has no Confederate ancestors. Her parents immigrated to North America from Punjab, India.

In contrast, this blogger has an ancestor who was a Confederate soldier, and he may have been a war draftee.

Here is a photo of him.

I worship Messiah Jesus, not my ancestors. So, there is no way that I would join the foolishness of the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy.

Sadly, Dixiecans in GOP guise rule the southern states, which may be why Nikki Haley said what she said about the Confederate flag. After all, as the governor of South Carolina, she signed the legislation that removed the Confederate flag from the grounds of the South Carolina capitol. So, Haley may be trying to appease South Carolina residents who were opposed to the flag’s removal.

Here is an excerpt from a speech that Haley gave in June 2015:

“That brings me to the subject of the Confederate flag that flies on the State house grounds. For many people in our state, the flag stands for traditions that are noble. Traditions of history, of heritage, and of ancestry.

The hate filled murderer who massacred our brothers and sisters in Charleston has a sick and twisted view of the flag. In no way does he reflect the people in our state who respect and, in many ways, revere it. Those South Carolinians view the flag as a symbol of respect, integrity, and duty. They also see it as a memorial, a way to honor ancestors who came to the service of their state during time of conflict. That is not hate, nor is it racism.

. . . To those outside of our state the flag may be nothing more than a symbol of the worst of America‚Äôs past. That is not what it is to many South Carolinians.”

In reality, the people with a “sick and twisted view” of the Confederate flag are those people who respect and revere it “as a memorial, a way to honor ancestors who came to the service of their state during time of conflict.” After all, the American Civil War was started when the South Carolina militia attacked Fort Sumter, and the South Carolinians who started the war did so for a dishonorable reason.

Honoring the misdeeds of your ancestors because they are your ancestors is foolish at best. I certainly do not want people who support such foolishness to be in control of the U.S. government.