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Posted by on Mar 17, 2010 in At TMV | 31 comments

Is It Right To Force Everyone To Have Health Insurance?

Republicans in Congress, Tea Party protesters, and the governors of some conservative states, all think it’s unfair, unjust, and maybe unconstitutional to force everyone to have health insurance, and buy it themselves if they don’t already have it from somewhere else. This strikes me as kind of odd, since virtually everyone who doesn’t have health insurance in this country actually does want it, and doesn’t have it simply because they can’t afford it.

But hey. What do I know? Maybe there’s a huge number of folks who really don’t want to have health insurance, even if it were made affordable with government help. So I say the Republicans and the Tea Party people and those conservative governors should have their way. But…

But if you willingly opt out, you gotta sign a contact to that effect with the government if the Democratic bill before Congress passes. This document says, in effect, that while you don’t have to buy the insurance, you have to pay for all of your own medical care.

You pay the bills, you get the care. You run out of money, you get no care.

This contract is irrevocable even if you lose your present job, your present savings, or suddenly get hit with huge unforeseen medical expenses. You make your choice and you live with it.

Or maybe you don’t live with it. That’s the deal.

Sound good? You betcha!