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Posted by on Feb 17, 2012 in International, Places, Politics, Religion, Science & Technology, Society, War | 0 comments

Injured Israeli: On Way Home From New Delhi

Tal Yehoshua Koren, 40, the Israeli diplomat’s wife who suffered spine and liver injuries in Monday’s bomb attack in New Delhi, today left for her country after she was discharged from a hospital in India’s capital city.

(Meanwhile Israel’s Counter Terrorism Bureau has warned of additional attempts to hurt Israelis worldwide, following the recent attacks in Thailand, Georgia and India. A senior official in the bureau urged Israelis who are currently overseas to be extra vigilant. The warning was based on information extracted during the interrogation of suspects arrested in connection to the terror attacks in New Delhi and Bangkok.)

According to doctors at the New Delhi hospital, Tal left for Israel in an air ambulance. She was whisked away from the back gate of the hospital today at 4.25 pm to avoid the media glare.

Tal underwent surgeries in the spine and liver. She sustained shrapnel injuries to her spine in the explosion. Doctors say she is experiencing partial paralysis in her lower extremities, but may regain full function.

Tal was on her way to pick her children up from the American Embassy School on Monday last when a lone motorcyclist attached a magnetic explosive device to her car and sped off. According to reports, she narrowly exited the vehicle as the bomb went off.

“Thank god the kids weren’t in the car,” was Tal’s first remark on reaching hospital. She has two children age 7 and 12. See here…

Meanwhile Tzafira Koren, Tal’s mother who arrived from Israel, said: “She (Tal) has been very, very brave throughout this incident. She is a hero for handling the situation so sensibly and has been raised to be a strong person. But right now, she is very weak physically.”

She said she spoke to her grandchildren. The family in Israel was informed of the terror attack by Tal’s husband, Israel’s defense attaché in New Delhi. See here…

Tal, who has lived in Delhi for four years, is very active in Jewish community activities here. The photo above is from her Facebook page.

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Meanwhile Israeli intelligence officials were surprised by the attacks in India and Georgia. The picture regarding Thailand is less clear. A logical evaluation holds that the Iranians used local “subcontractors” in the three incidents this week. More here…