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Posted by on Feb 10, 2012 in International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, War | 7 comments

In Syria, the U.N. Security Council Fails the World (The Kochi Shimbun, Japan)

When it comes to the oppression of dissent in Syria, are the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council undermining global peace and security by issuing ‘reckless vetoes’? According to this editorial from Japan’s Kochi Shimbun, by concerning themselves with the interests of their own countries rather than what is best for the world, China, Russia, America, Britain and France are demonstrating an extreme form of irresponsible selfishness.

The Kochi Shimbun editorial says in part:

It is a pity that a U.N. resolution, at a moment in which the international community needs to stand together to put a stop to the violence as quickly as possible, has been vetoed. Coupled with their vetoes of economic sanctions on Syria last October, the attitudes of Russia and China are simply incomprehensible.

With respect to humanity, although we say that such a terrible situation cannot be allowed to continue, if we focus exclusively on pursuing the security and expectations of our own countries, the result is that the U.N. Security Council fails to uphold its responsibility of maintaining global peace and security. If the permanent members of the Security Council continue to issue reckless vetoes, we will see a return to the stalemate of the Cold War era.

The Assad regime must not be permitted to use the China and Russia vetoes as a way to “indulge” itself with more oppression. Sooner or later, the “Arab Spring” will put an end to leaders like this. Meanwhile, we must seek an immediate cessation of the violence.

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