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Posted by on Oct 19, 2009 in International, Politics, Society | 1 comment

Has Turkey Been Lost To The West II: An Answer

Last week we ran this post giving excerpts from Caroline Glick’s an intriguing article on RealClearWorld asking whether Turkey has left the West to join up with the Iranian axis.

Now Steven Taylor, aka, Poliblogger has his own response. Here is a small part of it:

Until Turkey quits NATO, rescinds its request to join the EU, and makes a public statement about joining Iran, any talk about the Turkey being “lost to the West” is absurd on its face.

The longer, more involved, response:

This all appears to be based on current tensions between Israel and Turkey as well as improving relations between Turkey and Syria.

However, given that Turkey hasn’t renounced its NATO membership, it is hyperbole in the extreme to characterize Turkey as having made a massive anti-Western, pro-Iranian shift.

Glick’s piece is really more of an assertion-fest than anything else and it also contains rather curious “arguments” that rather clearly indicate that Glick doesn’t know what she is talking about in regards to Turkish politics.

There’s a lot more, so go to the link to read Taylor’s response in its entirety.