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Posted by on Jul 19, 2006 in At TMV | 0 comments

Deaths in Arab-Israeli Nazareth

Jerusalem Post:

Two children were killed and a dozen people wounded in Katyusha falls on the Arab Israeli town of Nazareth on Wednesday evening. Earlier reports indicated three dead, two of them children, when Katyusha rockets directly hit a house in the city.

Reports indicated an automotive repair shop was hit along with a three-story building, both in the densely-populated Arab town.

A number of wounded were reportedly evacuated to the city’s Italian and English hospitals.

Haaretz: ‘Hezbollah doesn’t know there are lots of Arabs in this country’

After all, Nasrallah’s rockets were carrying a “Jewish” address but were also falling on the heads of Arabs in the mixed cities, in Haifa and in Acre, and in Arab locales, among them Peqi’in, Majdal Krum and Horfeish.

The anger at the Israelis is explicit. “You don’t go to war over three abducted soldiers; for this you enter negotiations,” they said. The anger at Hezbollah is far more implicit and they hesitate to talk about it. “Hezbollah doesn’t know that there are lots of Arabs in this country,” says Ibrahim Hader evasively. Hussein Meri, a woodcutter and fisherman, takes command of the discussion: “They won’t tell you. But yes, I’m angry at Nasrallah. He doesn’t understand the reality here. If he were to see us now, Jews and Arabs at one table, he wouldn’t understand. He only sees Gaza in his mind’s eye. I have spent most of my life among Jews. For 30 years I worked in the market in Hadera. The Palestinians would think that I was a Jew, the Jews saw me as an Arab. Everything is reversed.”

And then the conversation becomes so very Israeli, as all of them complain about the local council and the Home Front Command, which hadn’t prepared shelters and protected spaces for them, and they sum up by saying that the rockets are color blind – they don’t distinguish between Jews and Arabs. From time to time they mention their “Israeliness,” speaking from their experience in wars and terror attacks, in which the Jews identify them with the enemy, when they too are the victim.