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Posted by on May 15, 2007 in At TMV | 19 comments

Congress: Less Popular Than… Bush

Believe it or not: the US Congress gets lower approval ratings than president George W. Bush: 29% of those polled approve of how the US Congress is functioning, while 33% of those asked believe that Bush is doing a stellar job.

Although it is normal for Congress to have quite low approval ratings, one cannot help but notice that the approval ratings of Congress have dropped quite significantly since, say, January this year. Remarkably enough, only 37% of Democratic voters approve of what the US Congress is doing: it seems that Republicans are more loyal than their Democratic counterparts. 73% of Republicans believe that Bush is doing great for instance.

Also noteworthy, and cause for concern it seems to me: only 24% of independents approve of the job Congress is doing (even Republicans are more positive, slightly, but still).

Time for the Democrats to focus more on issues that bring together the left and center?

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