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Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in Crime, International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Science & Technology, Society, War | 16 comments

Chinese Planned to Kill Drug Lord With Drone

Here is a story that may provide additional “ammunition” — no pun intended — to those who are concerned about the use of drones to target and take out human beings, whether terrorists or criminals.

The article also provides a glimpse into how China is rapidly improving both its “Beidu” global navigation system — a key part of any remotely controlled attack drone system — and its manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial warfare.

According to the New York Times this morning, “China considered using a drone strike in a mountainous region of Southeast Asia to kill a Myanmar drug lord wanted in the murders of 13 Chinese sailors, but decided instead to capture him alive, according to an influential state-run newspaper,” says the New York Times this morning.

The Ministry of Public Security’s plan called for using a drone carrying explosives to bomb the outlaw’s hideout in the opium-growing area of Myanmar, in the jungles of the Golden Triangle at the intersection of Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, after an extensive manhunt by the Chinese police in that area produced no results.

Read more here, but also at the Global Times here.