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Posted by on Mar 17, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

An Unseemly Execution In Iran

Yes, you could say it’s barbaric — but you could also say that it might act as a deterrent.

An Iranian accused of murdering at least 20 kids was executed in front of a large crowd in a most unnice way that might make other child killers in Iran give it at least a passing thought:
Mohammad Bijeh, 24, dubbed “the Tehran desert vampire” by Iran’s press, was flogged 100 times before being hanged.

A brother of one of his young victims stabbed him as he was being punished. The mother of another victim was asked to put the noose around his neck.

The execution took place in Pakdasht south of Tehran, near where Bijeh’s year-long killing spree took place.

The killer was hoisted about 10 metres into the air by a crane and slowly throttled to death in front of the baying crowd.

Hanging by a crane – a common form of execution in Iran – does not involve a swift death as the condemned prisoner’s neck is not broken.

Hanging by crane? Gee, I didn’t think those birds were that tall. But we digress:

The killer collapsed twice during the punishment, although he remained calm and silent throughout.

Spectators, held back by barbed wire and about 100 police officers, chanted “harder, harder” as judicial officials took turns to flog Bijeh’s bare back before his hanging.

Bijeh was stabbed by the 17-year-old brother of victim Rahim Younessi, AFP reported, as he was being readied to be hanged.

Officials then invited the mother Milad Kahani to put the blue nylon rope around his neck.

The crimes of Mohammed Bijeh and his accomplice Ali Baghi had drawn massive attention in the Iranian media.

They reportedly tricked children to go with them into the desert south of Tehran by saying they were going to hunt animals. They then poisoned or knocked their victims out, sexually abused them and buried them in shallow graves.

“Hey, what about rehabilitation?” All murders are contemptible but kid killing is the lowest of the low.

Attorney Eugene Volokh writes:”I like civilization, but some forms of savagery deserve to be met not just with cold, bloodless justice but with the deliberate infliction of pain, with cruel vengeance rather than with supposed humaneness or squeamishness. I think it slights the burning injustice of the murders, and the pain of the families, to react in any other way. And, yes, I know this aligns me in this instance with the Iranian government — but even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and in this instance the Iranians are quite correct.”

Yes, seriously: what could be worse than seeing a young life snuffed out before it has a chance to live due to some sick sadistic or sexual needs of an adult? There are several people killed when a kid is butchered: the kid, the siblings and the parents. Scott Peterson should consider himself lucky he doesn’t live in Iran.