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Posted by on May 25, 2020 in Jobs, Law | 0 comments

AB5 kills jobs in California, making products and services harder to find and more expensive

by David Skale

What is AB-5?
AB-5 is a California law that requires most independent contractors to become employees by those who hire them.

Why is AB-5 bad?
Many businesses cannot afford the added costs of up to 40% required when hiring an employee.

Thus, AB-5 is bad for business.

Many independent workers lose their freedom when they are forced to become employees even though they don’t want to.

Thus, AB-5 is bad for workers.

And many businesses and services that YOU enjoy are fighting to survive RIGHT NOW because of AB-5. They will either have to pass their added costs on to you or they will have to shut down.

Thus, AB-5 is bad for YOU.

How can YOU help?
The following politicians are responsible for AB5. Please vote AGAINST them in Nov and help us take back our right to work.

California Senate:

Bill Dodd
Steve Glazer
Nancy Skinner
Scott Weiner
Anthony Portantino, Jr.
Henry Stern
Richard Roth
Lena Gonzales
Steven Bradford
Toni Atkins

California Assembly
Jim Wood
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
Kevin McCarty
Ken Cooley
Jim Cooper
Marc Levine
Jim Frazier
Tim Grayson
Buffy Wicks
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

David Chiu
Rob Bonita
Phil Ting
Bill Quirk
Kevin Mullin
Marc Berman
Devon Mathis
Ash Kalra

Evan Low
Mark Stone
Robert Rivas
Joaquin Armbula
Rudy Salas
Luz Rivas
James Ramos
Chris Holden
Laura Friedman
Jacqui Irwin
Jesse Gabriel
Adrin Nazarian
Eloise Reyes
Blanca Rubio
Ed Chau

Richard Bloom
Wendy Carrillo
Freddie Rodriguez
Miguel Santiago
Sydney Kamlager
Eduardo Garcia
Christina Garcia
Reggie Jones-Sawyer
Sabrina Cervantes
Jose Medina
Autumn Burke
Anthony Redon
Mike Gipson
Sharon Quirk-Silva

Al Muratsuchi
Tom Daly
Patrick O’Donnell
Cottie Petrie-Norris
Tasha Boerner Hovath
Brian Maienschein
Shirley Weber

***Lorena Gonzalez (Lorena Gonzalez from San Diego is the author of the bill. Please do not re-elect her.

David scale is an Event Producer, Performer, and Owner of Auntie Roxie’s Life of the Party