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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Science & Technology, Society, War | 1 comment

A Global Glimpse at the Diplomatic Standoff Over Julian Assange (Sweden, Ecuador, Britain and Australia News Providers)

With Washington sticking to its story that it isn’t interested in Assange ‘at this time’, and the Australians remaining somewhat coy about why they haven’t done more to protect his constitutional rights as an Australian, the governments of Britain, Ecuador and Sweden are expressing a good deal of exasperation about the case – for differing reasons.

From Ecuador, in an editorial headlined Ecuador’s Embassy – and All Embassies – are Off Limits to British Police, the Ecuador newspaper Hoy not only rips British officials for suggesting that Ecuador’s Embassy could be entered by British police, it expresses the hope that the Rafeal Correa Administration will honor “the human rights and freedom of speech” that it is is invoking with respect to asylum matters, and “will without restriction just as assiduously respect them in this country.”

For Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter, in an editorial headlined Sweden’s Image Smeared by Missteps and Accusations of Assange Defenders, the newspaper ridicules the popular global narrative that downplays the sex charges against him as a ploy to hand him over to an execution-happy America as just as absurd as the notion that Rafael Correa wants to defend free speech and a free press.

From Britain and Australia, there is plenty of debate about the case – particularly over the past 24 hours in regard to the wisdom of threats by British authorities to storm the Ecuador Embassy. We have plugged all the reaction from Britain and Australia into a Bitly Bundle, and will continue to add to it as events warrant.

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