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Posted by on Mar 21, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

You May See More Of Our Guest Bloggers

TMV always loves reading the stuff by our Guest Bloggers and he is running around so much that he got an obvious idea: why not have them contribute more often?

So you may see more posts from our Guest Bloggers pointing to posts on their superb blogs from time to time or simply more original posts on certain days. A relative who doesn’t understand blogging asked TMV: “You don’t EDIT them??” and he replied: “No. I trust them. They’re all independent thinkers.” Our newest is Justin Delabar who has superb blog The Statesman.

And you may see some disagreements between TMV and the guest bloggers, but everyone who guest blogs here is an independent thinker who does not adhere to a strictly partisan line. There’s nothing wrong with partisans — many are excellent writers with excellent ideas — but TMV hopes this site is a little less predictable and welcomes everyone as a reader and in our comment boxes. (Well, there are one or two who can go hang…)

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