AFP reports that the Wall Street Journal plans to charge $17.99 a month ($216/year) for an iPad subscription. This pricing model is hard to explain, given other WSJ subscription plans. And I worry that such extreme subscription plans could cloud the iPad debut and doom product adoption.

What are the various pricing schemes for the Wall Street Journal?

An electronic version of any publication should not cost more than its printed version due to the almost-zero per unit distribution cost associated with the electronic version. Period.

The iPad is more like a small computer than a phone in its reading area. As such, it should not require device-dependent applications to access Internet content: this balkanization of the Internet is not a GoodThing. Computer software/hardware balkanization was the impetus for Sir Tim Berners-Lee to develop hypertext protocol and the web in the first place!

News isn’t like a song: we don’t read a story over and over again. The iTunes model isn’t going to salvage the news media’s business model, the one where they’ve reaped monopoly rents for decades.

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KATHY GILL, Technology Policy Analyst
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  • shannonlee

    iPad will survive high prices from certain publishers. This sounds like a WSJ problem to me.

  • Why complain about it, just dont buy it, eventually WSJ will realize they have tons of lost sales. As far as reading WSJ, im not a big fan but i do find myself looking at it quite often, usually not because i sought it out but because referring links to it. perhaps free or reasonably priced i might subscribe but not at 17.99.