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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Environment, Featured, Science & Technology | 8 comments

World’s Polar Ice Sheets Are Melting Faster And Faster, Research Confirms (Guest Voice)

World’s Polar Ice Sheets Are Melting Faster And Faster, Research Confirms (via Planetsave)

The two most massive ice sheets in the world have been losing ice faster and faster over the past ten years, leaving some uncertainty about how quickly they will melt in the future. And now, new research is providing a more clarity about the state of continental ice sheets and how much they are a contributor…

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  • SteveK

    Which made Mitch McConnell ‘burst into laughter’, John Boehner said ‘We’re Almost Nowhere’, and John Bolton blamed the Obama administration. When are these wing-nuts going to realize that it’s because of their inaction global warming is getting worse? They’ve sat on their hands until we’re to the point of no return.

    What do you mean they weren’t talking about Global Warming? You’re saying they were talking about why they’re willing to let US go over the ‘fiscal cliff’ and fall into a deeper recession.

    Well, I’m sorry… my mistake. The Republican take on reality and their talking points while they’re selling out to big business and the one percenters on the ‘fiscal cliff’ sounds exactly like their talking points when they sold out to big business and the one percenters on Global Warming… I hope you can forgive me.

  • sheknows

    I noticed the brief mention tonight on Diane Sawyer and absolutely NO mention of it on my local news. Perhaps if the news devoted more attention to it, explaining the scientific findings to the viewers and giving it HALF the attention of say..oh..I don’t know the McCain witch hunt, people might realize this is serious.
    Joughin saying “we don’t fully understand why it’s accelerating” brings a huge sigh of relief from those who wish to continue hiding their heads in the sand…..til the water levels gets too high.

  • zephyr

    No problem. Just look the other way. La la la la la…

  • Dr. J

    Sheknows, I suspect you’re seeing press fatigue after reporting the same headline for years: “Global Warming Worse Than We Thought!”

    The problem, of course, is what to do about it. And the constant stream of stories announcing that it’s worse than we thought it was the week before not only fail to propose a course of action, they add to the sense of hopelessness.

  • johne37179

    For most of the planet’s history there has been no frozen water anywhere on the surface. We are nearing the peak of the most recent in a series of glacial and interglacial periods. It is only reasonable to expect that the polar caps would melt like they have in the past. This latest melting/interglacial cycle started about 30,000 years ago. Sea level has risen about 200 m since the start of this melting cycle. It is most interesting that geologists have been aware of this cyclic phenomena for about 100 years and other sciences and the public seems to be just catching up with the 19th century geologists.

  • Dr. J

    200m sounds like a lot, Johne. So what would you propose we do about it? Relocate New York City, maybe to the Catskills?

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    So what would one propose we do about global climate change?

    For starters, see here

    Second, Google “what can be done to slow down climate change”

    I do not believe any of the serious scientific articles will suggest that we relocate New York to the Catskills, that we pooh-pooh this issue or that we stick our heads in the sand ..

  • sheknows

    I have been showing articles from Scientific American to almost every non-believer I know for years. The respose is always the same…denial. “well, that’s one opinion, but we have been experiencing climate change for centuries…blah, blah” My favorite response ” well these scientists really love that grant money….blah, blah”
    I posted this once before in another article, but it is so tragically funny I want to post it again.
    In Jon Stewarts Earth..The Book, he poses a scenario where a superior alien race is talking with humans about the demise of our species. “Well, if you knew that your technological advances were destroying your environment, why did you continue?” Our response: ” well, we did a cost/benefit analysis and we decided that we liked hot coffee in cold buildings in the middle of the summer, more than we liked other living things”.

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