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Posted by on Aug 17, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment, Education, Media, Passages, Society | 5 comments

Wither Google News Archive ?

One of my favorite places on the web has been the Google News Archive, a wonderful storehouse of digitized newspapers, some of them stretching back 150 years or more.

It was fascinating to just pick a year and go back and see what life was like.

In May Google announced they would no longer be updating the site with new resources but that the search feature would remain for the papers they had stored.

Today however the google news archive search seems to have vanished. You can still try to access some of the papers if you do enough searching but the basic resource is gone.

Not sure if this is temporary or permanent but it is sad.

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  • No money to be made by providing information. They’ll just have more resources available to do their core business: spying on people and selling their activities to the highest bidder.

    Google blows. Right up there with Enron, Exxon, and Monsanto for “business ethics” :barf:.

  • Allen

    I don’t know Barky, I rather like Google. Besides I have nothing to hide.

  • Barky, they’re not that bad. They do allow people to opt-out entirely.

  • Besides I have nothing to hide.

    Thanks for that, Sheeple.

    Barky, they’re not that bad. They do allow people to opt-out entirely.

    I already opt-out. Firefox with Noscript. Block all the “google analytics” and anything else vaguely associated with adware. Does pose the occasional problem on TMV, of course. Joe G. certainly loves his adware :rollseyes:

  • Does no one click links anymore?

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